Monday, March 27, 2006

Fundies drop intimidation law suit

We previously reported that the anti-gay fundamentalist group, Exodus International, tried bully methods in an attempt to force a web site to remove a parody of the group. They claimed the parody infringed their copyright. And they hired a Christian advocacy firm that spends time threatening people with lawsuits in an attempt to force their agenda. We reported on the matter here.

The website in question, is run by blogger Justin Watt, but Watt publicized the legal threats. And one result was that numerous sites, including this one, republished his parody. So instead of stifling the ridicule the legal threats only expanded them. Watt went to the ACLU and they agreed to defend hinm against this attemnpt of intimidation.

Now the fundamentalists have backed down. They claim they are backing down because a logo was removed from the parody. But Watts noted at the time of the threats that the logo was so faint that it was basically invisible. You actually had to have your attention drawn to it to even notice it. He told them he would remove it even though they held no trademark or copyright on the logo. The logo was a rather unimaginative lower case e faintly appearing as a watermark. It's hard to think that that a simple letter e by itself could be copyrighted.

Personally I suspect that the reason Exodus is dropping the case is simply due to not wanting to go to court against the ACLU. The watermark issue is used as an excuse so that the fudnamentalist nuts can crow that they had a victory. Meanwhile, the parody continues to be seen. But no doubt they will pretend they have won.


Blogger Pirate said...

They have won as long as people give them notice. These groups like groups on both sides of most politcal debates are in it just for the money. They rail against their opponents positions and generate money by donors. They only spend money on things that will generate more donations or intrest. It is obvious here they figured out they had no means of convincing a judge they should have more money.

I am most skeptical of any special interest group that takes up issues that will never result in anything but more public debate; the life blood to their revenue stream.

March 27, 2006


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