Sunday, March 19, 2006

Mullah wants more Christianity in government.

As America moves toward a theocratic imperial presidency one should expect the Christian Right to whine and bitch that they don't have enough power. In reality they should have no power over the life, liberty or property of others. But in their hearts they know they are speaking on behalf of the creator of the universe so powers, they would deny others, they claim for themselves. They follow the old Augustinian view. Augustine said there is an "unjust persecution" which is when the non-believers persecute believers. And there is "just persecution" which is when the believers persecutre non-believers.

A group of fundamentalist Christian theocrats had a meeting in Florida recently. One of the lead speakers is a mullah in the Southern Baptist mosque. He is also the governor for the backwater state of Arkansas. Gov. Mike Huckabee says he is considering a run for the presidency as a Republican (what else?). And he says that the reason is because Christian beliefs are not being pushed down everyone's throats enough. He wants more. Of course he doesn't admit he wants to push his theology down the throats of unwilling people but that is precisely what he means. What he said was that the views of these fanatics was not represented "enough" in Washington. He promised the Christian nutters that if he is elected he will remain true to his extremist beliefs and implied that means he will make his version of radical theocracy law.


Blogger Pirate said...

I'm all for Chrisitans in government, in business, in education and every other aspect of life. I just don't want any of the closed minded bigotted ones.

It cracks me up that these guys think they need to fight God's fights. Or are they really fighting their own?

March 19, 2006


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