Sunday, March 19, 2006

The divine hit list

Religious dementia does not descriminate. It afflicts all faiths. It just reaches epidemic proportions in some places like the Middle East and the American Bible Belt. But even Jews can be infected. Take the rantings of this fundamentalist racist from the National Jewish Front in Israel.

Bird flu has been spreading around the world without any apparent discrimination. It kills birds and it can kill people who live with birds. Now it has appeared in Israel. But apparently in Israel it is the result God wanting to punish Jews who don't support the fanatical claims of Baruch Marzel's National Jewish Front.

Of course nutbars from Jesusland said the same thing when Hurricane Katrina hit. Then it was God wanting to kill people and destroy homes because he was pissed off about a gay party and the Mardis Gras.

Well one of the major news channels in the US just had a report aired on how badly the churches in the South have done because of the disaster. Churches have closed down because they can't continue. On the other hand the French Quarter, where all the sinning goes on, not only survived the disaster but was hardly touched by it. Mardis Gras went on as normal. Apparently this deity meant to close down Mardis Gras but missed and closed down some of his own real estate by error.

So if this is any indication of things then Marzel better shut his trap. He may be next on the divine hit list.


Blogger Pirate said...

Now that we have that straight. I was wondering what had caused the potential pandemic of bird flu.

i thought it may have been because I vote Republican.

March 19, 2006

Blogger GodlessZone said...

Now we know. Of course that's it. It is the same reason that God keeps hitting Floriday with Hurricanes. If they didn't keep voting Republican these disasters wouldn't happen. And don't forget that Katrina hit that part of the country where Republicans get some of the highest percentage of the vote. By fundamentalist logic then God hates Republicans.

March 19, 2006


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