Saturday, November 11, 2006

More who would Jesus landscape.

We recently learned, via a couple of fundamentalist types, that Jesus would not offer landscaping services to homosexuals. That refusing to work with gays is the Christian thing to do. Well the morons who came up with that idea have finally done a press interview and they are, well, the very morons I said they were. And they showed, inadvertantly, that their fellow born again types are equally as hateful and vicious. Sabrina Farber, the woman who seems to speak for husband in violation of New Testament principles, says that they got an extra $40,000 worth of business from their fellow bigots.

Of course she could be just lying as well. Hard to tell when Christians are lying or when they believe something since they don't need evidence for anything just faith. Her reply to the people who were shocked at her blatant bigotry was to say: "Why can't people handle it when you say the truth?"

Exactly what "truth" was it? What she said was that she and her husband will not work for gays. That expresses her bigotry but nothing about truth. If I say I don't like liver that expresses my preferences but says nothing about truth. These Bible-mongers are so confused by their obsessive hatreds that they confuse preferences, like bigotries, with truth.

She said her husband had landscaped for gays in the past but that he "grieved" over visiting their homes. Grieved?

Of course like other fundamentalists Farber is convinced that their hatred is really love. Gee, the Nazis must have really loved the Jews. Sabrina (isn't that a witches name?) said that the choice to refuse to work for gyas is not a "jugdmental choice or a hating choice". She is so used to twisting reality to fit her fundamentalist views she can't see the obvious. What else is it? Of course it is both judgmental and hateful.

Come on, it doesn't take but two seconds to find how fundamentalists are consumed with hatred for homosexuals. It's drips from their mouths in their sermons, it is preached in their schools, it is found in their tracts describing homosexuals in the most vile of terms. And then they find they are emotional "grieved" when near these "sinners" so they refuse to come near such people. But that isn't being judgmental or hateful. Next you thing you know she'll be telling us how smart fundamentalists are?

The scary thing is that Sabrina and hubby have five kids. Still young kids too. What if one of them were gay? Imagine how this action by his parents (4 boys and one girl from the photo I saw) might effect one of the boys if he finds he is gay. While parents like this might well deserve the trauma of grappling with finding a child of theirs is gay no child should have parents like this.


Blogger luggage79 said...

Yeah, If there was a god we should pray to him/her that no gay child has parents like that. I dated one of those childs for some time, it was awful. When she told her parents that she was in a relationship with a woman she also told them that her older brother had sexually abused her for eight years. Guess which message upset the parents was ghastly to see. The thing with her brother was ok, because he had of course repented and everything. But she was living in sin and thus got the full brunt. And gave in. Is living a very sad life now I guess. But no, wait, she isn't, she has all her friends at church now, so things can't be too bad :-D

November 12, 2006

Blogger Publius II said...

You're absolutely right that these people are wrong for the actions, and I think we can rightly label them "hateful."

However, is it not just as wrong for you to publish hateful things about them? Just wondering how you felt about this.

November 16, 2006

Blogger luggage79 said...

hey publius,
I don't usually find the things published on here hateful, just true. If merely stating the truth is being hateful, it must be that the truth that's being stated is hateful, not that it's stated in a hateful way.

November 16, 2006

Blogger CLS said...

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November 17, 2006

Blogger GodlessZone said...

I begin with the simple statement that while I fear such people I don't hate them. I have no desire to take away any of their rights even while fundamentalists in general are anxious to take away the rights of others. I would not support the idea of others refusing to do business with these people. In fact if you make a list of all the nasty and unpleasant things that fundamentalists have repeatedly said they will do to those they dislike you would be hard pressed to find anything on that list that I would advocate be done to the fundamentalists. No the worst I will do is ridicule people who are ridiciulous. I wouldn't harass them, I would refuse them service if they came to a business I owned. I would picket the funeral of someone they love. I wouldn't deny them the right to marry or adopt. I wouldn't demand that their tracts be censored. I wouldn't harass them on their doorstep, hand them tracts telling them how evil I think them to be. I will point out the vile things they do and I will ridicule what they do. In other words I will give them far more respect and all the rights of a human being -- both things which they are happy to deny others.

But it seems common, especially on the right, to argue that opponents of hate are themselves hateful. Some are no doubt. Most are not. Despising what the Nazis did and ridiculing them does not make one a Nazi. I advocate leaving people alone which is one reason I never go to Christian websites to post my disagreements. But the people I target do not leave others alone by a long shot.

November 17, 2006


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