Sunday, November 05, 2006

I had hoped this filth was over.

I had hoped the filth about Haggard was over. And then I read the Denver Post's account of what went on at Haggard's church. Haggard is still denying he had gay sex so what was the "sexual immoality" to which he confessed? Could somebody make sense out of this pile of crap that is being pushed out by these people?

And the depth of hatred these people have for gays is astounding. The Denver paper says that one of the pastors involved in the inquiry "said Haggard's admission that he received a massage from a gay man was enough grounds for the board to remove him." Did you get that?

This man is saying that even if there were no sex involved the fact that Haggard was touched by gay man was sufficient grounds for dismissing him from his position.

Now it is clear these men don't believe Haggard and who can blame them. But still to justify their charge of "sexually immoral conduct" on the basis of a massage is a bit lame. I was actually surprised they ruled so quickly especially since they have never bothered to collect any evidence. They merely spoke to Haggard. I would have thought they'd gather more facts first. But apparently they don't need them. Certainly had I been on the board (not likely) I would have suggested speaking to the accuser first. I wasn't on the board so I wasn't restrained by that position but apparently neither was the board.

This pastor also said that Haggard "is not in touch with truth and reality, and he readily admitted that." Duh! If he were in touch with truth and reality he couldn't be a fundamentalist. But I supposed they mean he is still lying about his situation. Of course he is. He's been taught to lie about it for his entire life. It is pretty clear that Haggard is gay and doing the wife and kids thing because he felt he had to do it to make God happy. Haggard supposedly told htem that there were "warning signs" about desiring men. But this pastor assured the paper that homosexuality is not a predisposition but a temption to be fought.

What an idiot! Doesn't he realize that is exactly the attitude that pushed Haggard into marrying and that is why his wife is in such pain today!

The church says they will have the inquiry board spend more time with Haggard looking at his sexual "issues". They intend to make him take a lie detector test and will bring in a psychologist. No doubt one of the frauds from the "exgay movement" who replace pschology with theology.


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