Sunday, November 05, 2006

Haggard saga closed.

The Haggard saga is over. But the sick attitudes of fundamentalism lives on. Haggard admitted that he lied about everything. But the self-loathing that fundamentalism imposes on those people unfortunate enough to be caught in its web, who are gay, spewed out of Haggard like the intellectual vomit that it is. Here are Haggard's sickening words:

"I am guilty of sexual immorality, I am a deceiver and a liar. There is a part of my life that is so repulsive and dark and I've been warring against it my entire adult life.

And right up to the last he still has to try and claim the accusations are not "all" true. He has refused to say what is untrue. But what is there left? Two accusation were made. One that he had sex with a male prostitute and second that he used drugs. We have recordings of him ordering the drugs. His own church said he is guilty of sexual immorality. That covers the lot but Haggard still wants to leave something unnamed open.

As long as these people thinkl, based on that pack of lies called the Bible, that being gay is "repulsive and dark" then will turn out countless tragedies like this. A damnable religion and a damnable book and people suffer because of it. It was this attitude that forced Haggard to hide the facts and to hurt an innocent family.


Blogger luggage79 said...

About not all of the accusations being a European I realize how American Haggard is when it comes to sex. If you give a guy a handjob it is not sex. If you give a guy a blowjob it is not sex. If they give above said to you, it is not sex. ONLY if penetration is involved it is sex. So they could have been sucking each other off for ages and Haggard could still say that they didn't have's the same old excuse they use in college. As long as there is no penetrations, anything is fine :-)

November 06, 2006


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