Friday, January 05, 2007

Some of the background over the Episcopal split.

Finally a mainstream newspaper caught on to the fact that the US Episcopal churches which split from the Church of England were not really Episcopalian to start with. Basically these churches ended their affiliation with the Church of England and placed themselves under the control of a bigoted bishop from Nigeria. The complaint these people had was that the Church of England under the Archbishop of Canterbury didn't hate homosexuals enough to make Jesus happy.

Now one of these churches was actually the birthplace of the fraudulent "exgay" movement. The "cured" homosexual they had running the ministry was seducing the men who were being cured. The exgay ministry there was abandoned but the faith healing fundamentalists at the church continued. These congregations were taken over by fundamentalists decades ago. One of the members of this congregation is Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, an advocate of using torture.

These churches became magnets for individuals who were fundamentalists but who wanted to pretend they were within mainstream Christianity. One of the church leaders at these faux Episcopal churches admitted that he "would be more comfortable" with local fundamentalists "than with anyone I might run into at an Episcopal Diocesan Council meeting." The church admits on their website that they basically became Pentecostals. They write that in 1970 a Pentecostal evangelist visiting the church "led to the first encounter of parishioners with the baptism of the Holy Spirit" meaning they went into hysterical fits of babbling which they call "speaking in tonques". They write that from that point on "Truro took on its distinctive characteristic as an Episcopal church at the center of the charismatic renewal."

Don't forget that these people are now following a bishop who supports legislation that makes being gay a crime punishable by imprisonment. The law supported by the bishop also makes it a criminal offense to advocate changing the law. In other words they have no respect for rights.


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