Friday, December 22, 2006

Hell pizza. condoms and Christians.

I always enjoy the rank stupidity of people. It is so entertaining. If you ever want to have a good laugh listen to talk radio and hear the idiots that call into the shows. Rather amusing lot. And the funniest people are you day-to-day Christians. When a person of average to less-than-average intelligence thinks they speak on behalf of the creator of the universe they really go off the deep end.

Christians are a bit of an anomaly in New Zealand. Most people there simply don’t take religion that seriously - unlike the sad case of the United States. But the few who do can be quite something to behold.

Recently the believers started having fits because a local pizza chain sent out a promotion. The Hell Pizza chain has been something of a minor thorn in the side of believers. Obviously they don’t like the name. It pokes fun at one of their central beliefs --- that an all-loving, compassionate god has created a location where he will inflict torture and excruciating pain on human beings for eternity.

To make it worse the pizza company has named their pizzas after some of the so-called deadly sins. To promote their Lust pizza they sent out a coupon with a condom. Well, the Christians had fits galore over that. A condom implies sex and the typical Christian, despite what they may say to the contrary, feels at best ambivalent about sex and most think it a rather sinful activity. To say that they have real problems in this area is an understatement.

Now the Catholics were particularly upset. Catholic priests were livid since condoms are forbidden in Catholicism. They believe the only justification for sex is to have children and any sexual act which does not have the potential of leading to children is very, very wicked. Hence they condemn every sexual act except vaginal intercourse and then only approve of it if no form of birth control is used. So the distribution of condoms was roundly condemned by these priests -- as if priests have any moral authority these days.

Now I could focus on the comments made by the batty religious leaders but I’d rather focus on the rank stupidity of the people who follow these leaders.

The New Zealand Herald ran comments from lots of average folk. Reading what the average person has to say is not very encouraging. If this is average I cringe at the thought of what the below average are like.

Claudia McFie says that Hell Pizza imposed their views on others by mailing out the promotion. What the hell, pardon the pun, does it mean “to impose your view” on others. Apparently Claudia thinks that any expression of values is an imposition on others. Christianists fall for this irrational line of thinking a lot.

If an adult bookstore opens they accuse it of imposing its views on others. If a gay celebration takes place it is “imposing” the views of gays on the public. Expressing a viewpoint or simply living one’s life is not imposing a view on others. Consider two different issues: to impose a view and to impose taxes.

What does the latter mean? It means to force people to pay a portion of their income to the state. There is force involved. But to mail out a condom is not to use force. If mailing out a coupon with a condom is to “impose” on others then everything we do that is witnessed by others is an imposition on them.

What is funny here is that the people who say this sort of crap want laws which literally do impose their will on others. These are the people who would ban abortion, make “sodomy” a felony, close down adult shops, arrest prostitutes, etc. And they seem to imply that mailing out a condom to people is on the same level as using the power of the state against others.

Julian Morehu said Hells Pizza was stupid because a lack of fear is stupid. (See they will be punished for eternity for sending out condoms so they are not fearing the real hell.) Morehu has no understanding of rights. He says that the franchise showed a “lack of respect for peoples rights”. He meant “people’s rights” I suspect.

Of course no one’s rights were violated in any way shape or form. A TV commercial doesn’t violate rights. An ad in a newspaper doesn’t violate rights. A flyer doesn’t violate rights. They may annoy you but they do not strip you of life, liberty or property. There is no rights violation involved.

Morehu rambles incoherently on about sex and STDs. “Sure learning about condoms and different STDs out there is awesome, but its neither your place nor right to shove it on other peoples kids.” Okay, so Morehu has trouble putting in apostrophes where they belong. But what is he talking about? I don’t know. I suspect he doesn’t either.

I actually never thought learning about STDs was “awesome”. But again how is mailing out a flyer imposing on other people’s kids? And how is it not their right to mail out a flyer? Julian “the brain” Morehu says that the franchise was out for “free advertising”. I suspect the post office actually did charge them for the postage myself.

Morehu does give us a clue as to why he’s so clueless. He tells us he is a “Christian” who believes in heaven and hell. He digresses into theology and then says his main point was “I for one havent really liked your pizzas anyway.” Oh, that was his main point! Maybe he doesn’t know what a main point is either.

And get this logic. “You think hell is cool? According to Bible, which by the way is the only place to ever talk about Hell, therefore being the only place to have the facts about it, is pitch black.” Bad grammar again. As written he seems to be saying the Bible is pitch black. The logic here is hilarious. The Bible mentions hells (so he says) and therefore anything it says about it is a fact. JK Rowlings writes about Harry Potter so therefore anything she writes about Potter is a fact. What piss-poor logic.

Morehu wants that in hell you will hear “screaming, gnashing of teeth but if you wanna go there for sure have heaps of sex but when you find out whats on the other side remember me.” So the reason people go to hell is having “heaps of sex”. Is a heap of sex an orgy? And exactly why should anyone remember this clown if in hell? Assume this moron is correct and there is a hell and people go there for having “heaps of sex”. Is he really going to look down on the suffering (which he can’t see due to the darkness) and go “Ha, ha, told you so, told you so”? Rather juvenile I’d say.

Simon Stewart was a bit more intelligent, but just a bit. He compared Hell's Pizza to the Catholic Church and argued that the church did more good. The pizza chain sells “unhealthy greasy pizzas adding to New Zealands obesity problems” (what is it with these people and their inability to add the apostrophe?). They send “unwanted condoms to our homes” and “all they want to do is sell more pizzas.” So “not much good community service done here!.”

Now this implies that the reason to have any business is to serve the community. It implies the individual businessman exists only for the sake of others and has no rights of his own. He must serve others. Sounds rather socialist to me and rather Christian but the two go together well I think.

Now compare that to Catholicism says Stewart. Okay, he does say we should ignore the “public misdemeanours by some disgusting humans portraying themselves as priests.” What! Hey, dude, these guys weren’t “portraying themselves as priests”. They were priests consecrated by your church, ordained by your church, housed and fed by your church, and then protected and hidden away by your church.

Stewart says he “could write a list 50 pages long about the good things the church as brought to our society and the world” and then doesn’t. He lists not one. I suggest that if he had a list it would leave off little things like the Inquisition, the persecution of Galileo, and such matters.

Now I’d compare the pizza chain to the church. The pizza chain produces a good that people actually are willing to pay for. It doesn’t try to pass laws forcing people to like pizzas. It doesn’t attempt to rule others in any way. It offers a voluntary service to willing customers. It never tortured people for not liking pizza. It never burned a fan of KFC at the stake. It never coddled up to dictators or covered up child abuse. I’d rather have a pizza than a communion wafer any day.

And then Stewart gets right to the heart of the Christian pathology. “The only safe sex available these days is no sex at all.” See, these people are really obsessed with this issue.

Sean Reynolds pushes the same message, “if you use condoms you are eventually going to get a surprise. The only method that is 100% effective in preventing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases or to prevent unwanted pregnancies is to simply not engage in sex.”

Amanda Ward says the promotion violated “parental choice as to whether our children are exposed to such things.” Nonsense. She says she is not willing to make any effort to keep her kids from seeing things which she disapproves of so therefore such things simply shouldn’t be sent out.

Again take this idea and generalize it. If anything which some parent might find offensive for their children were banned what exactly would be allowed? Should a fundamentalist nutter be allowed to stop Catholic churches from existing because they don’t want their children exposed to such rot?

A Madeleine Flannagan repeats the same rot saying “Hell Pizza will never again see a cent of my family’s money for their utter disregard of parental rights.” Again the Christianists seem to think that there is a right which controls the actions of others to prevent anything they find offensive. I’m sure people find this woman offensive so would her waddling down the street violate the “parental rights” of others? Of course not. Once again this moron has no idea as to what it means to have a right.

Vini Leavi is another incoherent believer lamenting that “promotion of hell and evil right out there in full public view is acceptable. So many are so not knowing. It’s just not funny. So get out to a Church near you.” (I suggest Vini spend less time in church and some time in the classroom studying grammar -- though I must say he did add the apostrophe -- a refreshing change of pace.)

Kathie Blackhurst is angry: “Enough having sexuality and promiscuity shoved down our throats,” she says. Perhaps not the wisest phrase to use Kathie. She says: “Enough foisting it on our young kids who don’t need to know.” Oh, you are so right, NOT! is this woman so naive as to thinks “young kinds... don’t need to know” about sex?

Gregory Fenner says that the opening of 3 branches of Hell in his area has “led to boycott pizza orders because of the offensive names and insensitive advertising of their brands of pizzas.” Hmm, 3 branches all in close proximity to his home. Sounds as if that “boycott” isn’t doing very well.

Jenny McKechnie says the pizza chain is guilty of “trivalisation (sic) of Hell and sin. Hell is a real place and I am thankful to Jesus for what he did for all of us in dying on the Cross.... Our nation’s obesity is mostly caused by our greed.” Nation’s are not obese only individuals are Jenny.

Monika Dongohue says “I’d be dragging them (Hells Pizza) through the courts if my kids got there (sic) hands these condoms or it had led to their misadventure.” (What is this loony talking about?) If you thought that was incoherent try this sentence: “Is it any wonder we have had the drugging and rape scandals when sex a fast food outlet is our cultural sage of sexual education?”

If you think I’m exaggerating the quality of reasoning used by Christians in this matter go read it for yourself. Now I don’t think Christianity makes people stupid. However, I do think stupid people are attracted to Christianity.


Blogger Publius II said...

First, I just want to wish you and the rest of your readers a very Merry Christmas, as I won't be available to post again until after Christmas.

I got about halfway through this article and I agree with most of what you are saying, but one thing I have recently been pondering, is where one should draw the line with regards to "public indecency." Where does the right to express views, cross over into being too indecent to be just out there running over a parent's right to shelter their children from things that are not age-appropriate.

I myself do not know the answer to that question. What are your thoughts?

December 22, 2006

Blogger GodlessZone said...

A huge part of the problem is the "public" part. When it comes to private property there is no problem. Anytime there is a public property there is an inherent conflict of competiting interests. That is one reason that socialism increases human conflict. Certainly there is nothing indecent in a condom. I might be inclined to agree with the upset Christians if the delivery man was wearing the condom at the time he delivered it but a condom in a package is not indecent.

In addition 90% of the things that upset Americans don't faze people in Western nations outside the US. Sexaphobia is a very American pathology. Go to the Tiergarten in the center of Berlin and you can find several hundred people sunbathing in the nude (though not this time of year I suspect). No one takes second notice of it including the kids walking with the parents through the park. Ditto for the beaches of southern France. In Paris I stayed at a hotel overlooking a public pool where women went topless. No one paid much attention except Americans who seemed glued to their windows. In the Czech Republic the local quicky mart at the petrol station will sell hard core videos in the main shop and in Amsterdamn the adult shops have material in the widows on display. Again no one pays much attention to it.

I am not saying there is no such thing as indecent but I'm hard pressed to define it in a meaningful and objective way. I am far less troubled by two people having sex than I am with two people beating the crap out of each other. The latter does seem to bother Americans while the former shocks the hell out of them. I am curious as to why the term "indecent" applies so easily to sexuality and so infrequently to violence and abuse.

As for "age appropriate" I'm not sure how to define it. I wouldn't give a child Playboy (or Playgirl) but neither would I make a huge thing out of it if they saw a copy. I don't see any reason to shelter them from nudity per se and suspect that if they saw it at the beach, etc., that it would seem to them entirely natural and non sexual. (In fact most nudity is non-sexual.) I tend to think this would reduce, not increase, their curiousity about sex.

As for the public issue I'd privatize it. I suspect you'd find that solves most problems. There will be places that cater to all tastes. Certainly private communities would have different covenants governing what they call public space.

Now a parent has the right to shelter their child from any influence they find offensive. But that applies to all parents equally. If a Christian parent has the right to prevent television from broadcasting something they find offensive then atheist parents would have the right to prevent Christian broadcasts. Or they could each leave the other alone and only watch what they want. From the excerpts of Gibson's bloody (literally) Passion film I would rather a child see two people making love than the torture it depicted. But Christians pushed to get kids admitted to the torture movie and banned from something showing a bare breast or naked body. I am curious as to why religious folk are so upset about nudity and sex but not violence. It can't be just the idea that sex is sinful since violence would be sinful as well.

December 22, 2006

Blogger Clay Burell said...

Wonderful last line! And the grammar IS an indicator, isn't it?

My question is, are these people stupid naturally, or because they never got a quality basic education?

A lack of skill in WRITING basic grammar implies an even lower skill in READING. So these people are ripe for the preachers, who read one Book (selectively--let's leave out Deuteronomy, etc) FOR them, then tell them voila--they're experts on all science, metaphysics, cosmology, and the mind of god.


Merry Christmas.

December 22, 2006

Blogger luggage79 said...

"My question is, are these people stupid naturally, or because they never got a quality basic education?"

Well, they have probably been home-schooled and are now home-schooling their kids :-)

December 23, 2006

Blogger David said...

Hells pizza beats any other franchise pizza outlet in NZ hands down, for those not in the know. Kinda pricey but worth it. They didn't get to be so popular with just their "Sin Sells" attitude to marketing :)

December 23, 2006

Blogger Publius II said...

Studies have shown homeschooled kids to be several grades ahead on average of children in public schools, just so you know. In almost every single case, they are at least at the same level or higher level in every area of study.

December 26, 2006

Blogger GodlessZone said...

Publius, you lost me completely. What exactly does the article or the comments have to do with homeschooling?

December 26, 2006

Blogger luggage79 said...

publius, studies? Done by Christians I guess. I've seen homeschooling. It's (a) questionable to deprive kids of a social environments representing other views than those their parents would want them to hear and (b) it's more than not done by parents who are completely inadequate at teaching.

December 27, 2006

Blogger Paul said...

I was on a panel for a public debate where a Christian father said that he could not take his young daughters shopping because they would see large posters advertising women's underwear. I tried to console with the argument that wearing underwear (even lingerie) is a pefectly normal lifestyle choice but he would have none of it. I think these people have serious hangups about sexuality, especially the female kind. In short, they are scared of girls.

On the other hand, Christian groups in New Zealand lobbied very hard to force the Chief Censor to lower his classification of The Passion of the Christ. They wanted 13 year-olds to see the film, for educational purposes of course. I saw the film and it really is perverse: the kinkiest kind of Catholic ultraviolence and Jew-baiting. Not one for family viewing, I would have thought.

January 02, 2007

Blogger Spider63 said...

Obese kids are a growing epidemic! What happened to responsible parenting? Are people giving their kids the X-box and a bag of donuts instead of quality time? BTW, I don't know where it is that you folks are finding such backwards Christians?

January 06, 2007

Blogger Julian said...

Hi Peeps,

I'm Julian Morehu, I am the Christian that cannot use proper grammar and fail to see how stupid I am. As I was reading through your ahhh...view on who I am and what I am I couldn't help but think to myself, is this guy/girl trying to be funny? Or are they seriously trying to discredit what I am saying by pointing out grammar errors as if that honestly portrays ones intelligence? What's even funnier is people leaving comments and then saying, Merry Christmas...?

I know I'm in YOUR zone telling you my beliefs, so you most likely respond by somehow convincing yourself I am forcing my view/beliefs/morals/ideals on you. That is not that case as you have mentioned my name already so I feel obliged to respond.

I have read on your post/blog about stupid Christians and/or the less-than-average intelligence of Christians? Don't you think it's weird that more and more so called "top" scientists are finding it hard to explain away our design? Are you trying to tell me Evolution is a fact? Are you going to back evolution up by saying you are in fact a monkey? Or even going as far as to say that in the beginning of time there was absolutely nothing, then BAM the big bang AND not ask yourself....what exploded?

Well to be honest with you, I think you would blindly accept that as "fact". It takes more faith to believe that crap than to believe we have a Creator. Your level of intelligence, or your less-than-average level of intelligence is pointed out quite nicely by one, pointing out grammar mistakes which obviously don't matter as you were able to understand what I was saying therefore you were trying your hardest to discredit me. And two, your comment about me saying the bible is pitch black? I know you know I was talking about Hell, the subject was Hell's Pizza, and I had just asking the question, "Do you think Hell is cool?". I'm sorry if you were not able to understand what was going on, as above when you asked:

GodlessZone said...
Publius, you lost me completely. What exactly does the article or the comments have to do with home schooling?

If you scroll the page up it is quite clear he is saying children that are home schooled are several grades ahead of their peers who are in public school in reply to someone stating that us Christians are all home schooled which has lead to our less-than-average intelligence??

You also said I rambled incoherently on about sex and STD's, then mention I don't know where to put apostrophes where they go, and THEN say you didn't know what I was talking about...again. Seems to me you are the one who has the less-than-average level of intelligence.

If you have problems wondering why us as Christians have a problem with sexual content ask yourself how many rapes happen a day, how many babies are aborted a day, how many families are split up by unfaithfulness, how many people die of any one of the sexually transmitted diseases. There are a lot more examples but for fear of you not understanding again I'll stop there. I would ask you why there aren't any "adult" shows on TV during the day? Very simple answer, I'll let you think of it all by yourself since it seems to me you have an awesome imagination. Also, the reason SOME Christians wanted their kids to see the passion of Christ (which I actually do not agree with. It is quite graphic and should only be watched by a mature audience) is because they most likely want to show them what Jesus Christ went through to save us from Hell. Violence is bad in anyone's books. The Level of violence in Mel's movie is on level of it's own. I don't think you are proving yourself to be any authority on the subject if you believe Christians allow violence into their/our homes? I am starting to think you are maybe an 18 year old, sitting at your mum's computer, in your mum's house, and hating the world because to you nothing makes sense, SO you find trying to discredit people a way to make yourself feel like you have a place in it? (The world, encase you do not know what I' talking about...again) I would say to you get a life, but for some there is just no hope.

I will also point you to this point you have made about my piss-poor logic.

The Bible mentions hells (so he says) and therefore anything it says about it is a fact. JOKE Rowling's writes about Harry Potter so therefore anything she writes about Potter is a fact. What piss-poor logic.

Have you even read the Bible? Saying (so he says) is leading me to believe no, but I gathered that anyway but you limitless and quite comprehensive knowledge about it. (That is sarcasm, just encase you are finding it hard to follow...again). I laughed at the fact you used Harry Potter as a comparison for my remark. Can I ask, seriously now...are YOU serious? I know I know you are just trying to discredit me...again.

Another awesome point you made about me, this time calling me rather juvenile.

If you read what I said, I had just finished talking about sex, and all the things that come with having sex. In defence of people like you are love expressing how wrong Christians are, coming along and saying you love sex and blah blah. My response is, sure go for it. After all of this IF I turn out to be right and you get face to face with God when you die, according to the bible (ooooh there's that word again) He will ask you, what did you do with my Son? You will say well...I tried my best to discredit Him, and I hated Him, and I thought everyone who followed him were idiots so I hated them too. But God! I didn't know!!...then He will show you every time you have heard about it and rejected it. AT THAT TIME...Maybe...he will show you me, sticking up for I believe in...and then your awesome attempt to discredit me. :) Good Job.

I would like to point out the fact that yes, everyone has their own point of view. You might say,"No you don't, you follow the Bible's(OOH! that word AGAIN!) point of view." You my be right, but most likely wrong since all I can ascertain about you is base facts on your limited logic and if it makes sense to you it MUST be real. I would like to be the first to inform you...well fat chance since I am sure a lot of people have already told you, that your logic is screwed. :) Would you go up to a little girl and give her a condom and an instruction book on how to use it? Then say HEY I was promoting safe sex? I think even you, that's piss poor logic.

I would point out your grammar mistakes, but I think I have summed up your credibility with your own responses. I severely hope are in fact 18 years old, living at home, and are reading this on her computer, I would hate to think there is an actual adult out there like you. If you are handicap in any way I apologise.

God Bless and Merry Christmas.
Julian Morehu

November 20, 2007

Blogger GodlessZone said...

Julian: I will respond briefly to you many comments. When someone writes such a long reply it impossible to respond to every point. Failure to respond merely indicates that you said far too much and replying to all of it is too burdensome. I have repeatedly asked people to pick one issue at a time to facilitate communication.

Why would I respond that you are forcing yourself on me? I don’t see any force involved. You do know what “force” actually means don’t you?

You immediately jump into evolution versus religious fantasies about “intelligent design”. That was not the topic of this post and so I will save time and ignore all that except to say you are severely deluded if you believe that more and more scientists are coming over to your view. That is simply false.

I did say you rambled on the Herald web site and you ramble here as well. And the reason for grammar to avoid the confusion imposed by bad writing. With your multiple run on sentences it is difficult to figure out what you saying. And it ought not be the case. Don’t blame bad writing on stupid readers. Your sentences were confusing, badly worded and had multiple clauses that were tangled together in one stream-of-consciousness type exercise. That makes communication difficult and I suggest you will find that most people simple stopped reading you after the first few paragraphs because of it.

Let us try to discuss some of you errors of logic. I agree that home schooled children are often ahead of their peers. That said it proves nothing about the intelligence of Christians. Most children in Christian families are not home schooled and many home schooled children do not come from Christian families. You can’t draw any of the conclusions you draw based on that fact alone.

You have similarly bad logic in your discussion of sexual content and rape. There is no evidence that the two correspond. In fact rapists and sex offenders, on average, saw less erotica and saw it later in life. They also were more likely to hold conservative moral viewpoints on sexuality. Sexual content does not cause rapes. In fact, to the degree that it encourages solitary sexual relief it prevents rapes and other involuntary sexual acts. US states with higher subscription rates to adult publications have lower rape rates than states where the people shun them. I don’t think your local minister and Christian activists, Graham Capill, had to do with him buying dirty magazines. He was against such things strongly. And he demanded censoring them, which is using force. And he was raping children.

Jesus didn’t save you from Hell. There is no hell except in your own imagination.

And it takes little research on this blog to determine that I am not 18 years old -- I wish. And I don’t need to discredit you. When you spell “in case” and “encase” you do it yourself.

Have I read the Bible? Does two years of Bible college count after graduating from a Christian high school. Of course I did, numerous times.

You talk about “another awesome point you made about me, this time calling me rather juvenile.” Ah, yes! The only people I hear using the term “awesome” in this incorrect manner tend to be juveniles or damn close to it mentally. That you use the phrase “awesome” in the same sentence is rather funny.

Let me quote one sentence you write: “In defence of people like you are love expressing how wrong Christians are, coming along and saying you love sex and blah blah.” That is word for word what you wrote. It is totally incoherent and doesn’t express one complete thought. I’m so glad you showed up to prove how intelligent you people are. Or another sentence like “I think even you, that’s piss poor logic.” Again incoherent. You have trouble expressing your thoughts in complete sentences. Or take “If you are handicap in any way I apologise”. You meant handicapped didn’t you?

Julian, I really appreciate you sending this disjointed, irrational, atrociously written piece to the site. Sometimes I fear my readers wouldn’t believe me when I describe the material that some Christians are capable of publishing. In this case you verified for my readers everything I said.

November 20, 2007

Blogger Julian said...

:) Two years of Bible College Huh, awesome! Let me show you some of your minor mistakes since you love doing the same.
Let me quote one sentence you write...?
Julian: I will respond briefly to you many comments...?
And the reason for grammar to avoid the confusion...?
That makes communication difficult and I suggest you will find...?
Now for some inconsistencies...

There is no evidence that the two correspond.
In fact, to the degree that it encourages solitary sexual relief it prevents rapes and other involuntary sexual acts. US states with higher subscription rates to adult publications have lower rape rates than states where the people shun them....?

Failure to respond merely indicates that you said far too much and replying to all of it is too burdensome.
And it takes little research on this blog to determine that I am not 18 years old -- I wish.
Why would I waste all this time reading what you have to say?

Jesus didn’t save you from Hell. There is no hell except in your own imagination.

You say this like you actually know it's a fact?
Also: That was not the topic of this post and so I will save time and ignore all that except to say you are severely deluded if you believe that more and more scientists are coming over to your view. That is simply false.

I didnt say they were coming to my view, I said they were finging it harder and harder to back up Evolution and/or disprove design/creation. That was quite clear and you still missed it?

I am glad I have verified everything you say about Christians to your readers.

Again, God Bless and Merry Christmas. You do know what Christmas is?
Julian Morehu

November 20, 2007

Blogger Julian said...

Thought so

Just before I go, Iv'e read some of your writings, and you love poiting out grammar dont you. One day you might actually point something out that really matters, but until then I suggest you keep your small mind to yourself, it is too small and fragile to be out by itself.

Julian Morehu

November 21, 2007

Blogger GodlessZone said...

Julian: You clearly didn't read much. As for "poiting out grammar", as you so eloquently put it, very little of this blog has even come close to the subject. So apparently you didn't read much or perhaps just avoided the essays with the long words. The essay on the difference between belief and faith was substantive and on an issue that I suspect made your brain hurt so you didn't read it. I could point to numerous such essays, all beyond your level of comprehension. Your comment just proves you are not truthful and that you read virtually nothing. But at least you are as honest as you are erudite.

November 21, 2007


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