Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Buddha Boy Right!

The people of Nepal are Buddhists and thus are inclined to absurdities consistent with Buddhism. And they are now gathering in a jungle to try and look at a 17-year-old boy Ram Bahandur Bomjan who they say is the a reincarnation of Buddha

Sure he is. And the proof of this is based on the claims, I repeat “claims”, that the boy allegedly goes without eating or drinking for month’s on end. His followers also claim that he is immune to fire and snake bites.

Now all of this is easily verified but the true believers refuse to allow that to happen claiming that any attempt to do so would disturb the Buddha Boy’s meditation. There is always an excuse.

If such a test is eventually allowed the media needs to be careful. Such a test should be done by someone like James Randi and not merely something done in front of the media. Media people, like most people, can easily be tricked by slight of hand tactics so the test must be carefully controlled. I would expect that if the controversy spreads as to whether or not this boy with shrub-like hair, is the Buddha that some sort of staged “proof” will be presented.


Blogger jwn said...

Nepal is officially Hindu, and about 89% of the populace claim to be Hindu. This is no crazier than people waiting to be lifted up after some weird building is completed in Israel, or that some young sexually repressed Muslim men will get a bunch virgins if they do something creative with explosives.

June 21, 2007


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