Friday, December 22, 2006

Clueless stewardess just doesn't get it.

An unnamed stewardess with BMI just doesn’t get it. She’s threatening the airline over something over which they have no control. But she’s described as a “committed Christian” so she’s obviously mentally challenged. The woman takes her Bible everywhere. (Gee, she must be great fun at parties.)

The stewardess was assigned to fly to Saudi Arabia and she was told that the law there forbids the importing of any religious books except the absurd Qu’ran. Now note that the airline did not write the law. They merely told her that she, like every visitor to this sandpit, can’t bring her Bible.

In light of the new found fondness for being victims she has claimed that she is being discriminated against by the airline. She now plans to take the airline to a government tribunal for “discrimination”.

The airline offered her other routes so she could take her favorite fiction reading along. But she has refused the offer. Now this is clearly not the airline’s fault but she can’t threaten Saudi Arabia legally so she goes after a completely innocent third party.

Now the Saudi government is a pack of savages, making them slightly worse than the Republicans, but not my much. And the law is wrong but let’s be honest here -- this stewardess is about as thick as they come.


Blogger Marc said...

Silly cow. Well I'd just let her do it and live with the punishment that the Saudis want to impose. Let's hear her bleat for her rights when they get hold of her.

December 23, 2006

Blogger Damien said...

You know what I say? Let her go to Saudi Arabia. She wants to violate their religious laws so bad? Let her, she's a grown woman; she can do what she wants, lol.

Wonder what she'll be thinking as that first stone hits her head?

December 23, 2006

Blogger Ethereal said...

People are crazy in this day and age. I was at a bookstore when a pastor was trying to convert me into his church. I personally told him I not a christian and he just kept asking questions like "When you die, what then?" and "The bible is the truth".

So, I was telling him about the insanity of the bible and he just walked off and gave me his business card to call his church.

Anyhow, I deal with people like this and the lady that Godless Zone talk about often.


December 23, 2006

Blogger Himself said...

NZ. I trust you are celebrating the the birth of our saviour in a suitable and respectable fashion.

I see you picked the stewardess story up I was going to do a piece on her myself, being a homespun tale n'all.

I'm trying my hand at blogging for the first time, don't let the blog name fool you, nobody is safe.

I would have emailed you but can't find one, I'm tired as bedamned so maybe I can't see it.

Be good.
Himself @

December 23, 2006

Blogger Marc said...

OH BOY! I hope Himself is being ironic.

Xmas is a pagan festival that the Xians hijacked and renamed. No one really knows when Jesus (if he even existed as a single person) was actually born. One thing is for certain, it wasn't 25th Dec.

December 24, 2006


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