Friday, November 03, 2006

Ted Haggard on video: surreal

Welcome to the Ted Haggard video festival. Here is Ted Haggard in operation. Now these aren’t “sexy” videos about him and his male prostitute friend. Just him in his everyday existence.

This first clip borders on the bizarre. This is from the film “Jesus Camp” and the camera crew is filming Haggard preach. Haggard denounces homosexuality as a sin and then jokes to the cameraman: “I know what you did last night. For a $1,000 I won’t tell your wife.” Now what would put the concept of homosexuality, marriage, hiding it from the wife all in his mind at the same time? In light of what has just happened this is surreal.

In this next clip we see the eminent scientist Richard Dawkins reporting on Haggard. The interesting this here is Haggard lecturing Dawkins on what evolutionists believe. Dawkins says that Haggard is completely wrong and Haggard says “then you don’t know the scientists I know.” Dawkins is probably the most prominent evolutionist around and Haggard lectures him on what evolutionists believe and then has the audacity to tell Dawkins to not be arrogant.


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