Sunday, June 04, 2006

Christians get DaVinci Code banned

Authoritarian Christians in Pakistan have cried like babies over the movie The DaVinci Code, a film that NONE of them have seen. But then they have a tendency to draw conclusions without a shred of evidence --- it's called faith. In an alliance with Islamists in Pakistan the Christians whined the film upset up them and the government has decided to ban the film "out of respect" for the fragile temperments of the followers of Jesus.

Jalil Abbas, secretary of the Ministry (Against?) of Culture, claimed, "The film is sacrilegious to all religions, that's why we did this." An amazing accomplishment for one film. But I suspect it's more likely that Abbas is just an ass.

In addition seven of 29 states within India have banned the film to protect Christians from having their irrationality questioned even if questioned badly by a a fictional film.

How this film is sacrilegious to most religions is something beyond me. Second, religion deserves no more protection than one's political beliefs, one's beliefs on science or any other belief.

The bizarre thing is that religionists claim that they can hold massive sets of beliefs that impact everything else they believe and how they treat others yet that set of beliefs is beyond questioning. They legislate and attempt to control the lives of others based on those beliefs. But the victims of the control measures can't question the beliefs. Why?

Considering that religion so impacts on the lives of innocent people, those not deluded into such beliefs, it behooves us to question religion and question it hard. That these fragile flowers wilt under scrutiny is their problem. If they minded their own business no one would care. But these petty dictators want to control and regulate what others read, who they love, how they live, what they believe, etc. They demand these rights in the name of their religion and then argue that the beliefs that justify this constant meddling are immune from questioning. Religion deserves as much questioning as communism and for the same reason. Both are irrational system that lead to dictatorship.

One of the dumbest remarks come Shahbaz Bhatti, who is described as a Christian leader. Shahbaz said: "The DaVinci Code is a sacrilegious act in the guise of freedom of expression and fiction." In the guise of fiction? A guise is a "false appearance". For this film to be in a guise of fiction that would mean it is not really fiction after all. That would mean that old Shahbaz is saying it is factual! Burn him at the stake! Off with his head. He's a heretic! Actually it is far more likely he is ignorant and uses words without knowing what they mean. In other words he is an uneducated moron. No wonder he's a Christian leader, he has all the mental acuity for the job.

Nor is the film an "act". It may be sacrilegious. Who knows these wilting violents of faiths are offended so easily that a sneeze could be an insult to their weak mental state. But a film does not "act" people do. And expressing any idea, even that offensive to the mental midgets of faith, is freedom of expression whether Shahbaz or any other religionists like it or not. Banning this movie is no different than banning the Bible except the movie has a more interesting plot and is far more believable.


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