Saturday, May 27, 2006

Working out with Jesus and Pat's shake.

I have watched this story for several days wondering how it would end. But Loony Pat Robertson, who is mumbled to by a divine being once a year, claims to leg press 2,000 lbs. That's a lot of weight folks. Pat's mulit-million dollar business, under the guise of a ministry, makes the following claim on their website:

Pat Robertson's Age-Defying Shake

Did you know that Pat Robertson, through rigorous training, leg-pressed 2,000 pounds! How did he do it?

Watch a video of Pat leg-pressing 1,000 pounds.

Where does Pat find the time and energy to host a daily, national TV show, head a world-wide ministry, develop visionary scholars, while traveling the globe as a statesman?

One of Pat's secrets to keeping his energy high and his vitality soaring is his age-defying protein shake. Pat developed a delicious, refreshing shake, filled with energy-producing nutrients.

It's a shame this "age defying shake" does nothing for mental acuity as Pat is progressively going more and more off the deep end. And this is just another example. Now in big letters it says this is an "age defying shake" and in small letters at the bottom it says: "No specific health benefit is implied or promised by this recipe." So they say this shake helps you defy aging, keeps your "energy high" and "vitality soaring" but these are not health benefits? If you make a claim that sounds like you are claiming the shake makes you stronger and more vital that is a claim to a health benefit. If you then say you make no such claims it implies your first claim is bogus.

Robertson's spokesman, Christopher Roslan, says that the claims about Robertson's leg pressing 2,000 lbs are totally true. Please watch Robertson's own video using his leg press machine. First, the machine doesn't take 2,000 lbs. As the woman in the clip with Roberton notes the machine is reaches its maximum at 1,000 lbs and there is "no more room" for weights. Second, note that Robertson is already cheating with 1,000 lbs. He is using his arms and his legs to lift the weights. Watch how he puts on had on each leg and pushes with his arms as well as his legs in order to move half what he claims he can do.

By the way I find it difficult to find the actual world record on such lifts but there is a damn good chance that Robertson is claiming it for himself. I have seen university records of around 1,300 lbs. And the massive Joe Ladnier, at his prime, was proud to say he could leg press 1,500 lbs which is 500lbs below the claims made by Tsunami Pat.


Blogger Derreck said...

1500 ibs is still quit impressive though...

May 28, 2006

Blogger GodlessZone said...

Yes, 1500 lbs is impressive but that Ladinier who did it not Robertson. In the film abover Robertson only manages 1,000 and that was with cheating involved where he uses his arms to push his legs as well. In fact I think if you watch again he was cheating at weights below 1,000 already. But the issue here is not what weight he did do legitimatedly but what he is claiming he does dishonestly.

May 28, 2006

Blogger Derreck said...

Heh, I got that...

But there is so much cheating and lies within modern Christians, that this is hardly the matter. It was fun though.

May 29, 2006


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