Monday, May 29, 2006

Crack his skull, turn him straight.

Christianist Joseph Nicolosi runs an anti-gay religious outfit called National Association for Research and Theraphy of Homosexuality. His goal is to commit theraphy against gays and turn them into heterosexuals. In his world view, "There is no such thing as a homosexual. We are all heterosexual. Our body was designed for the opposite sex." Note his use of the term "designed" as opposed to "evolved". It is not coincidental. NARTH is a religious oriented group that argues that people can be converted to heterosexuality. It works in close alliance with the Christianist ex-gay movement.

This movement has always been a fraud. It has driven people to suicide and encouraged lying by the "name it and claim theology" that many of its adherents push. In this case a person claims to be straight "on faith" and tells everyone he is when all signs are that he is not. If you claim it by faith then Jesus will make it happen. Many leaders of the "ex-gay" movement turned out to be not so "ex" after all and are caught with their hands, well not exactly in the cookie jar if you know what I mean.

In addition they have used the broadest definition possible to define a successful conversion from gay to straight. The gay in question may be someone with extensive heterosexual experience who has only periodically considered gay sex. Of course getting a bisexual to stay on one side or the other is not that difficult. Some cases presented as "change" have included men who had only one gay experience in their life and said they were attracted to women. One case I read dealt with a man who was gay, in prison, but found Jesus and went straight when released. Duh! A successful conversion is promoted by pointing to ex-gays who are married ignoring the fact that millions of gay men are married and are still gay. Of course numerous ex-gays have said they were gay and then been revealed to have been lying about it.

But in Christianist theology, as Nicolosi put it, there is no such thing as a homosexual, we are all heterosexual. So to be ex-gay is easy since no one was ever gay to begin with. Apparently gay men are just heterosexual men who like sex with men. Go figure. If you want some idea how Nicolosi and these Christianists think here is a report for the Los Angeles Times:

The audience of more than 700 sat rapt in the pews of a Fort Lauderdale church. Some held Bibles. Others took notes. Nicolosi went on to tell them that fathers could help their sons stay straight by bonding through rough-and-tumble games, such as tossing them in the air.

"Even if [the dad] drops the kid and he cracks his head, at least he'll be heterosexual," Nicolosi said, chuckling. "A small price to pay."

How nice. How daft.


Blogger Derreck said...

Perhaps mr. Gay-Doctor, could have done just a little more research on his subject? I know there are silly people out there who think homosexuality is a mental illness, or comes through bad fathers or a little too-much-loving mothers; God help them... Homosexuality is caused by the gay-gene; Xq28 on the longer arm of the X-chromosome. I didn't know doctors could change our genes! This is a miracle doctor! I can be straight! Yahoo0! It's just like Star Trek!

But then... I don't wanna be straight at all; weamon suck, and even more do babies. And I don't care if homosexuality is a sin: everyone has his own sin, and I'm happy with mine. God'll have to with that, there's no need to change. I wonder what device he uses to change genes... perhaps he could turn make my eyes brown as well?

May 29, 2006

Blogger Derreck said...

And yes, your mr. Nicolosi could definitly use some straightening out.

He really needs to have his beard trimmed; perhaps leave a goaty, a new hairstyle to cover up those inlets on the sides of his skull, do a little spikes? Get rid of that awfull jacket and buy a lightblue/blue tie combined with a nicely matching blue colbert, and dark blue/brown jeans with a white belt. He can keep the white shirt. He'd be straightened out a lot after that. Oh, perhaps a flashy pink tie instead?

Not that I'm very much into fashion or anything, just some minor adjustments.

May 29, 2006


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