Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Two lessons in one

Clara Jean Brown learned two lessons at the same time. She was at home in Daphne, Alabama when a storm struck. Brown was standing in her kitchen and watching the storm arrive. Some of her family were down at the beach so she decided to pray for safety.

According to her she said "Amen" when her kitchen was engulfed in "huge ball of fire". It seems lightening from the storm hit across the street and traveled along a water pipe through her house and into her back yard. It went through her kitchen knocking her to the floor and leaving a big mess. She was still on the floor dazed when her grand daughter found her.

She said: "I always thought if you're in a house that you're safe. That's not the case." She also thought that prayer helped. That's not the case either.

But like true believers everywhere anything that happens proves their faith. "I'm blessed. That's the good news," she told her local paper. Right! She's in her kitchen, hit by a bolt of ligtening that knocks her to the floor and dazes her and rips up her house but she calls that being "blessed". Belief is a strange thing. Actually I was wrong. I said she learned two lessons. Obviously she only learned one. Maybe she's still dazed from being blessed. Just a little more blessing and she'd be dead.

Thanks to our beach volleyball correspondent for noticing this one.


Blogger Derreck said...

Well, a blessing isn't far different from a curse, hard to keep apart. And you're right, prayer doesn't help you safe anyone from a terror-storm.

May 31, 2006


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