Monday, May 22, 2006

Samoa: A sad nations that shuns freedom

Samoa is a sad little nation. Many residents have left to live off welfare in the West. Those who remain are god besotted to the core. And now Samoa has shown it is unworthy to be considered a free nation. This ought to mean that it gets no foreign aid at all.

Samoa just banned the film The DaVinci Code because locals Christians whined about it. Crybabies for Jesus, mainly Catholics and Congregationalists demanded the film be banned because it was offensive to them. Catholic Archbishop Alapati Mataeliga joined the Catholic tradition of using force to snuff out ideas he doesn't like. He said: "If only the movie was based on the true Gospel, then I think it would not be so bad."

Well, it was based on a fictional gospel written by Dan Brown. The Archbishop prefers fictional gospels attributed to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John instead. Another fake "man of God", Rev. Peniamina Vai of the Congregational Christian Church said that the movie was bad for weak Christians and that he was glad it was banned as he didn't want his parishioners to see the film.

Why didn't he just beat up the parishioners himself? He and the Archbishop of the Church of the Holy Altar Boy, could just go out and beat up Christians who see the film. The result would be the same as the ban and much more honest. At least, instead of having the state do his mugging for him he would be honest enough to do smash in the skulls himself. Now this so-called minister might say he doesn't want to smash in heads. He most certainly does.

A ban on the film means the law will be used against anyone showing it. That means it will be enforced and that means the use of force. If you don't comply and obey their order to stop showing the film they "enFORCE" the law. And if required that can mean bashing in a few skulls. Nice people these Christians. All this bull about love thy neighbour as thyself is crap. They don't mean it.

I wouldn't dare try to force my neighbor to watch only films I approve of. I have too much respect for them and their choices. Not the Christians. Like Stalinists, Maoists, fans of Castro and Hitler these Christians have no respect for others. They are happy to use state violence to impose their hypocritical will on others. And in the Rev. Vai's case it is very hypocritical. He, one who praised the ban, admits he read the book and has yet to decide whether he will see the film. Typical authoritarian. He wants a ban for his congregation and choice for himself.

The best proof that Christianity is a lie is the necessity to use force to protect it from ideas which Christianists find offensive. I know some people still think there is a fundamental difference between Christianity and Islam. There is not. What restrains Christians from becoming as deadly and fanatical as the Islamists is the culture around them. As they gain more and more power watch them and you will see them increasingly acting just like the Islamists. As Thomas Jefferson, a man hated by all good religionists, said: "

"It is error alone which needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself."


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