Tuesday, April 04, 2006

If I could make this stuff up I could make millions.

I couldn't make up some of this stuff if I tried. But luckily some religious folk around the world are more than willing to demonstrate the absurdity of their own faith for us on a regular basis.

Aftab Ansari was sound asleep. And he was talking in his sleep. And he said the world for divorce in Urdu three times. Remember he was sound asleep and didn't even know he said it. His wife heard it and was not happy by the comments and told some friends what had happened.

The Muslim leaders in the village heard about the incident and decreed the couple divorced since under Islamic law a man (not a woman) can divorce merely be repeating "I divorce thee" three times to his spouse.

The religious leaders also told the couple, who do not want to be divorced, that can remarry provided that they spend at least 100 days apart from each other and the wife must find a new husband, have sex with him, and then have him divorce her. If she does that she is free to remarry the man she wants to be married with. The couple are refusing so far and being treated as outcasts for denying the faith. They have three children. At least they haven't been beheaded.


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