Friday, March 17, 2006

Noah's ark? Right!

For some demented reason I ended up watching a report on Pat Robertson's religious network. They do what pretneds to be a news show. And now they have had a report that Noah's ark was found! Yes, you heard right. They say Noah's ark has been found. You may have noticed no one else reporting this find.

There is a good reason for that. They didn't find the ark. What they have is a satelitte photo of what they think is a shape, under snow, that they think looks like the ark or what they imagine the ark to look like.

Now I doubt any ark ever existed. No, I misspeak. I am sure such a thing never existed and if it did it would not be on top of a mountain. The story is fantasy.

You may remember some years ago that people were all excited about statues of faces on Mars only to find no such statues exist. People were looking at shadows from a certain angle and reading into the image something that looked familiar. But from a slightly different angle the image vanishes. It's much the same way you can look at clouds and see images. The human mind looks for familiar things. But in this case it's more bizarre. They showed the "ark" image and it didn't look like an ark to me at all.

I also have a good memory. This is about the 4th or 5th time that I can remember that fundamentalists have used precisely these kinds of images to prove the ark existed. And every single time they found nothing.

One example of the mindset of these people is that they seemed to think was sufficient evidence for them. They said "skeptics" will want more evidence. Yes, but not just skeptics. Anyone who has respect for the truth would want evidence. But Christians have faith and don't need evidence. The really wacko thing is that other Christians are convinced it was found years ago and this isn't it. So how many arks did this Noah fellow supposedly have?


Blogger Pirate said...

I have a similar memory and know you are right on this report. The same photos seem to float around every two years or so.

It alway amazes me the effort some religious folks put into trying to prove memorabilia of their faith instead of having faith.

As a Chrisitian I personally do not really care what someone else believes. Its not my concern.

I tend to carry a bible in one hand a mirror in the other. Too often many arm themselves with a microscope to judge others with. Or they want to go around smacking others others over the head with the bible.

I consider the bible a roadmap and not a club myself.

In politics and religion I am always amused by how often others close their eyes and ears to an opposing view. Many even think if they outshout the descending view or arm themselves with talking points they can bully the opposite view into submitting.

My question is why are you watching the money changing dolt, Pat Robertson instead of South Park? South Park may be more insightful when it comes to religion.

March 17, 2006

Blogger GodlessZone said...

Easy answer: it was 11 am in the morning and South Park wasn't on. I watch South Park all the time and enjoy it very much. Nothing else was on and I was channel surfing and saw the report and watched it. A couple minutes after I changed to some other form of crap.

March 17, 2006

Blogger Pirate said...

Crap is probably the best description of Pat and his mindlessness.

You ever watch Family Guy?

March 17, 2006


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