Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Another parasitical Muslim cleric stirs up trouble

Over and over we keep finding that radical Islamist are pushing their agenda with tax dollars. And cowardly politicians are afraid to stand up to these bigots lest they be accussed of not respecting multi-culturialism.

In New York City a radical Muslic cleric, Umar Abdul-Jalil, got listed by the city as an official chaplain to the prison system. These Islamists know the character qualities that make good recruits to their hateful ideology. New York City pays the man to recruit criminals for his cause. And they pay him well. He made $76,602 preaching his hate.

Other major cities don't pay for chaplains at all. And I would think separation of church and state would require New York to take these parasites off the government payroll as well. Other cities rely on volunter chaplains but New York says that by paying "we have the ability to choose who we employ." Well, they picked real well. Like most Muslim clerics Abdul-Jalil is a Jew hater who believes in Zionist conspiracies. And he preaches that bullshit, at the expense of taxpayers, to prisoners.

The Islamists are looking for the loopholes in the West and then using them to destroy the West. The Muslim cleric from Denmark who started the world wide riots of Islamic extremists was also on the Danish payroll. And his job was to promote radical Islam to criminals in prison as well. Why is the West so anxious to destroy it self?

The really strange thing is that New York has 21 full-time chaplains. It only had 4 in 1972. But even with 21 that means hundreds of faiths are ignored. There are hundreds of sects in the US. Muslims in the US account for only one half of one percent of the population. But in New York then get one full time chaplain for criminals. Perhaps Muslims are a larger percentage of the criminal population. But since hundreds of sects are being ignored I have to wonder why one sect they made sure got a subsidy was Islam. If you are filling 21 slots you don't give one of them to a religion that represents well under one percent of the population. Not that they should be filling any slots.

But the fact is that Islamist will threaten and intimidate if they don't get their own way. And if the threat of violence doesn't work they will cry racism and bigotry. The West has got to stop allowing those tactics to work.

One final reason this wanker should be taken off the payroll --- just look at his ghastly taste in clothes.


Blogger Pirate said...

I completely concur. He will most likely take the role as a mule. carry information back and forth.

You mean you don't like his 60s outfit?

March 14, 2006

Blogger Derreck said...

Honey, no one does.

March 15, 2006


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