Saturday, February 11, 2006

Fanatics want UN tyranny

It is hard to have much respect for the United Nations. It will be harder to do so if the totalitarian nations of Islam get their way. There are 57 basket case nations that are members of the Organization of the Islamic Conference. They are mostly fourth-rate nations run by petty dictators and besotted with superstition.

And these gaggle of tyrants wants to push the UN into being more destructive to human rights than is already the case. The OIC, which is led by Turkey, said that they want blasphemy regulations written into the principles for the absurdly named “human rights council”.

These indicates two things. One is that Turkey is not yet a civilized nation. Certainly Turkey’s contempt for human rights is a clear reason that it should not be admitted to the European Union. The second thing is that the UN defines “rights” mostly in ways that violate rights.

Islamic nations are almost all tyrannies. They are uncivilized by any definition of the term. They live in the Dark Ages. They are vicious racists and murderous regimes. Yet they have the audacity to whine that the Danish illustrations of Mohammed “constituted an incitement to hatred and violence against Muslims.”

It amazing how dishonest these tyrants can be. What violence? The only violence was perpetrated by their own people at their encouragement. No gang of Danes attacked a mosque. But insane Islamists attacked Danish consulates. No advocate of free speech marched through the street calling for terror attacks, beheadings, and murder. Again only the lunatics who think Mohammed is a prophet did that.

It’s time to turn the UN over the third world idiots and let them run it. The US and European nations should get out of the UN. They stop funding it and the US should deport the entire organization to some suitable location like Harare.


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