Monday, February 06, 2006

The furor of fanatics.

The following photos were all taken in London. This is what raw religion looks like. Now the real question is why are these people still in London? Why does the West go out of it's way to allow fanatics who threaten violence to live in the West? Worse yet, a huge percentage of such people live off tax funds. Allah doesn't provide for them. The Nanny State does. And that money is used for, among other things, all that is necessary for them to participarte in public marches where they threaten the people who put food on their table with beheadings, holocausts, terrorist attacks, etc.

The US invasion of Iraq was wrong. But so is this! No one has the right to threaten violence over some drawings. That these people simply don't get it indicates they are not fit for living in Western nations. I would not exclude people from a nation merely because they are Muslim. But if they do not accept Western values they are a threat to our society. By the way this equally true for Christian fundamentalists (see Fundie Fred below for an example) but unfortunately they are home grown fanatics.


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