Thursday, February 09, 2006

More Islamist lies.

This fake cartoon scandal that has Lefty politicians tripping over themselves to apologize to terrorists needs to be exposed. Below we already showed that it was lie to say Islam forbids depictions of Mohammed and that throughout history such depictions have been common place even in Islamic nations. We also showed that the cartoons appeared several months ago in an Egyptian newspaper.

Now lets look at how Islamic imams from Denmark intentionally faked images to stir up this controversy. And yet these religious thugs are allowed to live in Denmark as if they were civilized. They ought to be thrown out post haste. First let us look at the actual page of the newspaper from Denmark that supposedly started the controversy.

Please look at these images carefully. In fact count them. There are twelve of them. When these holy liars went off to stir up shit they distributed a booklet that showed 15 images of Mohammed that they said were published in the newspaper. Now that is three more than actually appeared. What were the other three? They were the cartoons that people found most offensive and they were frauds.

One of the images showed Mohammed with a pigs face. Another showed a Muslim praying with a dog humping from behind and the third was titled "Den Paedofile 'profet" Muhammed". The nature is rather clear from that. None of the images actually appeared in the newspaper. The Muslims from Denmark are hiding the facts. Here is a picture showing that the BBC showed these extra drawings being peddled by the imam Abu Bashar of Denmark. The Danish Muslim Community, which distributed these other illustrations, merely claim they received them in the mail. But these three illustrations are the ones found most offensive by the rabble. But there were never printed. And so far the only people distributing them was the imam and his friends.

Now get this: Abu Bashar is a paid employee of the Danish government. He is paid by them to spread the message of Islam insides Denmark's prisons.

Now below is the page from the booklet distributed by this rabble rousers from Denmark. Notice that this is supposedly the illustration of Mohammed as a pig.

But it too is fake. It was never an illustration of Mohammed. In fact it's not actually an illustration but a rendition from a photo. And the photo was of Frenchman jacques Barrot as he performed in the French Pig-Squeling Championships, an annual contest held in Trie-sur-Baise. And if you don't believe me here is the photo from which this fake illustration was taken.


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