Sunday, February 12, 2006

Expert just not in that field.

So what is happening? Is this a major defection from the field of science to superstition? A professor emeritus from the University of California, Berkeley is giving lectures defending the religious doctrine of "intelligent design".

The professor is Philip Johnson and he taught at Berkeley for 33 years. Now his lectures are sponsored by the fundamentalist Intervarisity Christian Fellowship. And it is taken place at a Christian college. In addition the Professor will be speaking on behalf of a local Baptist church as well.

Now what haven't I mentioned? I did point out his academic credentials. Or did I? Actually I didn't. So what was it that Johnson taught? Was he a biologist? No! Was he a scientist of any kind? No! He taught in the law school. In other words his credentials are in a field entirely outside the range of science. He has no expertise in a field that qualifies him to lecture on evolution. That, of course,is par for religions.

You will note that the Green religion does the same thing. Paul Ehrlich was a butterfly specialist who was made famous predicting the world was vastly over populated. He wrote that England would never survive to the year 2000, that massive famine would grip the US in the 1980s, etc. Not one of his major projections turned out accurate. The result: he is consider a leading expert in Green circles.


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