Tuesday, November 15, 2005

You will have a hard time believing this one

Really, folks. I'm not making it up. I would never have thought of something this absurd.

KSL television in Salt Lake City reports that Tyler Poulson was riding in a truck with his brothers. Poulson, 21, had recently returned from his missionary stint annoying people for the Church of Latter Day Saints (Mormons).

Poulson was offended that one brother used profanity. Of course profanity for a Mormon doesn't take much. He told his brothers that if they didn't cease using profanity he would get out of the truck. One brother apparently said that was fine with him. Poulson opened the door and leapt out. The truck was, of course moving at the time, at an estimated speed of 35 miles per hour. The Deseret News reports that when medical personnel arrived Poulson had some vital signs but he was pronounced dead on arrivat at Jordan Valley Hospital.

Police say that Poulson's actions have devestated his family especially the brother who thought this religious nutter was kidding when he said he'd get out of the vehicle.


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