Thursday, November 10, 2005

TV host takes on religion

Comedian/talk show host Bill Maher has the religious crowd rather upset. Of course that’s not hard to do. People are war with reality can get upset easily.

Now the Jesus platoon tends to think that they can say anything they want about anyone but criticism of them is automatically evil. Watch how quickly they whine about discrimination when someone stands up to them. Meanwhile they demand the right to discriminate against others (which I’m happy to grant them). But they also want to force others to be the same bigots they are. For instance many of the absurd marriage amendments they are pushing forbid private companies from giving benefits to gay couples. Typical hypocritical actions from the Religious Right.

Maher, according to the Miami New Times, said “The Bible is an old book of Jewish fairy tales.” “I’m against what religion is: made-up stories meant to scare people about what happens when you die. It’s a corrupt bureaucracy between man and God that takes advantage of people’s fears, mostly of the unknown, that corrupts people in ways that are unimaginable.”

He also is quoted as saying that “religion stops people from thinking. I think it justifies crazies.” Now that is entirely accurate.


Blogger keith said...

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November 10, 2005

Blogger GodlessZone said...

We remove automated comments that are promotions. So most the comments you find removed here are done for that reason or because they are offensive.

November 10, 2005

Blogger TheBlog said...

"TV host takes on religion "
Looks like Mr. Maher specializes in bashing Christianity alone.
Of course it would be too politically incorrect to bash Buddhism or Islam....

September 11, 2009


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