Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The survival of the smartest.

In Dover, Pennsylvania a school board had voted to include the religious doctrine of “intelligent design” in their science courses. They had been solicited to do so by a Christian advocacy group. The matter went to court and a judge is now in the process of making a decision. But while the judge has yet to make up his mind it appears the voters have.

All eight members of the school board that had voted for the measure were swept out of office in local elections. They were replaced by candidates who ran in opposition to the intelligent design theory.

Out of the 16 candidates running the one who came in last place was Alan Bonsell who was the driving force behind the push for creationism.

Losing candidates were pretending the election had nothing to do with their creationist agenda and instead said it was because the public wanted more spending.

The new board members will wait to see what the judge rules. If he rules against the creationist program they will simply not appeal the decision allowing it stand as legal precedent. If the judge accepts creationism under the label intelligent design they can repeal the policy. Either way it looks like a major set back for this religious agenda.


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