Friday, November 11, 2005

Bush regime goes after church

Something stinks when I have to defend a church under attack from the Bush regime. Yes, we do need a regime change here to protect our liberties. So I guess, according to the warped mindset of the fundamentalist Jihadists who run the regime, that means any nation in the world is now free to “liberate” America.

It appears that George Regas, the head saint at All Saints Episcopal Church in Pasadena did what many such divine leaders do. He preached a sermon that was critical of the Iraq invasion. But he did not do what fundamentalists routine do and endorse one candidate over another.

The jackbooted SS, ooops, I mean the Internal Revenue Service has issued a letter threatening the church over the sermon. They have said that the church was in jeopardy of loosing their tax-exempt status because they allegedly involved themselves in a political campaign.

One representative of the church called the moved by the SS “a direct assault on freedom of speech and freedom of religion.” Perhaps. But what’s new about that? The current regime believes in neither. Bush’s policy is that government has the power to do anything he feels is necessary and since Jesus whispers into his ears on a regular basis he is only doing God’s will anyhow. Obviously this church is dominated by “evil doers” who have to be punished for opposing the crusade. Perhaps some of the politicized thugs in the fundamentalist wing of Christianity will “liberate” the church. Of course in Bushy language that means destroying the actual church and killing a goodly number of the congregation.

Now I happen to think that churches should pay the same taxes as anyone else. But instead of raising tax rates to reach the levels paid by average people I believe they should lower the tax rates for individuals to that of the level of churches. But I don’t think that a sermon that did not endorse any candidate qualifies for this sort of punishment. Nor do I think this church should be singled out when the real lunatics of relgion—the born again psychopaths are routines inflicting their stilted world-view on the rest of us through political campaign after political campaign.

The American Taliban, known as evangelical Christianity, have pushed through measure after measure stripping gay people of equal rights. They routinely engage in politics. We have video tapes of their demented leaders engaging in open politics and admitting they do it. And the SS manages to pick on an Episcopal Church in Pasadena while ignoring the Bush league members around the nation. Selective enforcement of the law to punish opponents of Bush is not acceptable.

Of course I don’t expect the fascists in the Republican Party, as opposed to the socialists in the Democratic Party, to discover the First Amendment and rush to the support of this church. In fact I suspect that the copies of the Constitution owned by Republicans has had the Bill of Rights removed except for a watered down version of the Second Amendment.

His Truth is marching on. Right!

Today’s illustration is a photo of the church in question.


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