Sunday, November 06, 2005

Religious Right wants activist judges.

What have we heard repeatedly from the religious fanatics on the Right? Over and over they whine and bitch about “activist judges” and how the courts were being used to change the culture in violation of their antiquated theological nonsense.

At this time there is a trial going on where a judge is being asked to approve the teaching of creationism lite in the guise of “intelligent design”. How and why did this trial come about?

It seems that a religious right-wing group The Thomas More Law Center “visited school boards around the country searching for one willing to challenge evolution by teaching intelligent design, and to face a risky, high-profile trial,” according to the November 4 issue of the New York Times.

This Right-wing outfit normally attacks legalized abortion and equal rights for gay people—standard fare for the Jesus platoon.

The president of the Thomas More Center, according to the Times, solicited the case because his group believes that it is their role to use the courts “to change the culture.” Now the theocrats on the Right have argued that evil “political correctness” is an attempt to change the culture and that changing culture is wrong. But of course the hypocrites themselves are not shy of doing the very thing they whine about.

After all Georgie “Jesus speaks to me” Bush has repeatedly attacked “activist judges” except, of course, for the activist judges who ruled in favor and made him president.

Now the spirit-filled advocates of the rule of God argue that intelligent design is not really theology. Yet the Thomas More Center that is fighting this case in favor of creationism lite say that their purpose is “to protect Christians and their religious beliefs in the public square.”

In other words they are parasites who want to dip into taxpayer pockets to promote their religion.


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