Thursday, January 11, 2007

He sent them to hell fire and now they send him to Jesus.

Pastor Emeka Ezeuko was better known as Reverend King, a name he used. He was the minister for the Christian Praying Assembly Church in Lagos, Nigeria. Pastor Ezeuko also believed that the day would come that his god would use eternal fire to punish sinners. Pastor Ezeuko, wanting to be godly himself, thought the same thing.

According to the minister said that five church members, who “were all said to be living in his boys’ quarters at his house” were accused by him “of committing amoral acts among themselves under his roof.” The pastor ordered the five to be doused with petrol and he then threw a lit match on them setting them alight. According to the Saturday Sun of Lagos the "amoral acts" was that the minister said the victims were "fornicators and witches."

In the trial a church member “told the court of a private militant group known as the ‘Lord’s Army’ in the church” which was “set up mainly to instil discipline and punishments on the order of the clergy.” During the trial the minister attacked and slapped one of the witnesses in the court itself.

The minister claimed it was all an elaborate set-up to frame him for a crime he didn’t commit. But since most the victims of the attack lived and testified against him the court didn’t buy the defense story and has sentenced the minister to an early meeting with Jesus. The pastor denies he did the killing but according to the Nigerian Tribune "said he would not hestitate to burn down the whole world if God ordered him to do it."

One has to wonder what is going on with this church. Apparently the ministers and many congregation members all have taken the same last name: King. But there have been other incidents at this church as well. The Daily Sun of Nigeria reported that two ministers from the church, Ifeanyi King and Chibuike King, were arrested last year over the death of of a church member identified as Shola "believed to have died of an unknown ailment while within the premises of the church and his corpse was thrown outside the church, where it was exposed to the elements for about nine hours." What is particular bizarre is that the paper says neighbors to the church report this "has become a regular occurrence".

The ministers claimed they have invited the man to a "healing service" at the church but that before he got there he died. The dead man supposedly had AIDS and "His Holiness, Dr. Rev. King" (the man sentenced to hang for murdering other church members) claims the ability to heal AIDS through faith. The ministers refused to answer questions saying: "We need to get permission from the Church before we can answer anymoer questions from you." The Daily Sun says: "If there is anything for which" this church is known "it is the image of civil disturbance, violence, fear and alleged bloodletting".

Church members "deify their leader, with the men dressing like him, keeping their beards and shaving their heads to the skull like he does -- even as they emblazon his poster on their cars." The papers says residents of the neighborhood "wrote a petitition to the police" claiming "killing, maiming, harassment and punishment of innocent people" by the church. It reports that a few months earlier "a senior church authority allegedly ordered the beating of a pregnant woman" who died shortly thereafter. A local food vendor says she was "beaten black and blue and pushed out of the Church naked for allegedly speaking ill" of Rev. King. On another occassion four people were beating by King's goons for not showing respect when the pastor drove through the area. King was also said to have had affairs with numerous women in his church including the at least one wife of another church pastor.


Blogger Ethereal said...

I am sadden that once again, innocent people was killed because of a pastor that clam that he was doing someting good for his deity.

Christianty is one of the darkest relgions to ever exist and yet, throughout time, people continue to embrace this violence and hatred.


January 12, 2007


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