Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Another one bites the dust.

Fundamentalist Warren Throckmorton produced a video I Do Exist which contained the purported testimonies of individuals who became fundamentalists and claimed that Jesus changed their sexual orientation from homosexual to heterosexual.

Christians have been particular susceptible to this fraud because they so desperately want to believe it’s true. Over and over they have promoted the claims of “cured” gays and over and over again they proved false. But faith and reality are not connected in the mind of the fundamentalist.

Throckmorton’s video included the testimony of “cured” homosexual Noe Guiterrez. Guiterrez released a carefully worded statement which affirms belief in religion and the possibility of change but which makes absolutely no claims regarding himself. But he does say: “I personally have had a change of heart in the matters of a person’s sexual orientation. It has been my experience in the years since joining (and later leaving) the ex-gay movement that a person’s sexual orientation may or may not be an area impacted by the change that comes by way of a diligent Christian faith.”

Considering his previous position it sounds as if he is saying that while the thinks God might be changing some people he isn’t one of them. And he refuses to answer the obvious question. “For those left wondering about my own sexuality, I have decided to no longer make this small part of my identity a topic for public discussion.”

You will find that Throckmorton coincidentally announced he is retiring the film on the same day. He says the “documentary” will “be no longer be (sic) available as of February 1, 2007.” He says his “current work does not emphasize changing sexual orientation as much as it does achieving congruence with chosen beliefs and values (which may or may not lead to change of attractions).

Perhaps some of them are learning that their faith simply doesn’t work the way they pretend.


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