Saturday, December 09, 2006

Fundy legal threats open door to pagans.

Did I ever say fundamentalists are hypocrites? To quote Rowan & Martin: “You bet your sweet bippy."

Let’s start at the very beginning (yes, Julie Andrews as Maria von Trapp).

The Hollymead Elementary School has a sytem they call “backpack mail” where the school puts notices into the backpacks of students to notify parents about special events.

Two children being raised as fundamentalists wanted to promote Vacation Bible School through the system. Vacation Bible School is usually a week long, daily “Sunday School” for children during the holidays. It is mostly used by fundamentalist churches to try and recruit new children as converts.

The school said the system could not be used for sectarian religious or political purposes. Well, the parents of these pint-sized zealots went to Jerry Falwell’s “Liberty Counsell” which threatened law suits demanding the right to use the compulsory school attendance laws to distribute to children propaganda for a religious indoctrination course.

Falwell’s outfit threatened the school with a lawsuit and they backed down now alloowing religious organizations to send fliers out through the school.

Well, this holiday season a couple of parents used the system, not open to all religions, to invited people to an education program on the pagan origins of many Christmas traditions. Well one fundy blogger immediately attacked the school for allowing this pagan material to be distributed. Another Baptist minister attacked saying this was proof that Christians needed to abandon the evil schools for good Christian schools.

Personally I think the school had no business promoting any private organization, religious, political or otherwise. But I do love seeing the fundies fume over a policy that they pushed through with their bullying law suit threats.


Blogger Publius II said...

Yeah that's kinda silly. Christians and people and other organizations that call themselves "conservative" raise all kinds of fuss about making sure the government schools don't discriminate against or censor Christianity or whatever other conservative agenda they like, but as soon as it's something they DON'T like, it's a whole different story.

In my mind, as long as it doesn't cross the line of indecency then they should be aloud to pass out whatever literature they want.

Taking up class time is another story, and it isn't always that black and white, but overall Freedom is a bit misunderstood when it comes to public schools.

December 11, 2006


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