Sunday, December 03, 2006

One of the worst selling jobs ever.

Keisha Castle-Hughes is a young girl who played in the Kiwi film Whale Rider. Her acting there was decent even if I thought the PC plot a bit heavy at times. She is now playing Mary in The Nativity Story.

What makes this a bit controversial is that the actress, while just 16 years old, is pregnant. Her teen aged boy friend is the father and her family has just gone gooey-eyed over the pregnancy and gush about wonderful it is. I note this is a problem because teen mothers tend to be ill equipped to be mothers, teen relationships tend to be transient and children brought up in such families tend to have major problems some of which they end up imposing on others through higher crime rates, etc. No matter what the family says publicly it is not a good thing for 16 year olds to become parents.

But this is not about her pregnancy directly. It is about the asinine comments of Catherine Hardwicke, the director of the film. Now film producers have a tendency to over sell their films and the actors they work with. Hardwicke went to new heights and extremes. She practically compared Castle-Hughes to the mother of Christ and implied her baby could be the new Jesus. Hardwicke has some serious problems with a few loose screws. Obviously she is worried about a backlash but talk about over-compensation.

Get this comment: “From the beginning I sensed a kind of soul in her, she's very deep. Her mom also just had a baby who's about two months old, so the baby will have an uncle who's only a couple of months older - just like John the Baptist was to Jesus. And Keisha's boyfriend is in construction, so he's a carpenter too. The whole thing's pretty wild.”

Pretty wild? That’s an understatement by this crazy woman. But she gets worse.
"Keisha's baby is going to come into an atmosphere of love. Who knows what incredible person that child could turn out to be?”

At least she didn’t try to sell the rubbish that Keisha was a virgin. But please! I’m waiting her for to claim that three wise men showed up at the filming with some gifts.


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