Monday, December 04, 2006

What were the odds?

Now some of you may remember that in May I posted about Rev. Pat Robertson and his conversation with the deity. In this conversation Jehovah and Pat discussed future weather conditions in the US. And Pat revealed that the deity told him that storms would batter the coast of the US. Well it was the start of the hurricane season so as I said in May, this was "a pretty safe prophecy if you ask me. Try and find a year when 'storms' didn't hit the US coastline."

I spoke too soon. The hurricane season in the US officially ended on the last day of November. Guess what? God was wrong. Not one hurricane hit the US this year. Incredible actually since the US is in prime hurricane territory. Pat played the odds with his prophecy and Pat was wrong.

On the other hand the Gaia Green cult didn't do much better. Last year they were proclaiming that hurricanes had been increasing in number and intensity due to global warming -- their catch-all cause of anything that is unpleasant. They tell us global warming is not abating so where were this year's hurricanes?

In fact the 1990s was the second mildest decade in the US for storms over the last century. The lowest was not at the beginning of the century but was the 1970s. That is the reason when the Green cult announced a rise in hurricanes they started their survey in the 1970s. Had they picked any other decade in the last century as their starting point it would have shown a decline in storms and their intensity. Fundamentalist Christians aren't the only ones who cherry pick their evidence to fit their conclusions.


Blogger The Knight Who Says Nee said...

Satan tricked Pat. That's all.


December 04, 2006


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