Monday, October 30, 2006

Enslaved by the book.

The Muslim moron who compared women to meat deserving to be eaten (raped) has apologized. Sort of.

But it is clear he still doesn’t get it. He said that his comments were “inappropriate and unacceptable for the Australian society and the western society in general.”

Now read that again. He doesn’t say he was wrong. He doesn’t say that the remarks themselves are totally unacceptable either. He merely says they are unacceptable in Australian and the west.

This is cultural relativism at its worst. And please note Left-wing relativists who read this blog. This is the sort of thing your ideas are supporting.

For the record the idea that women deserve to be raped for not covering themselves completely is unacceptable anywhere. It is unacceptable in the west, the east, the north and the south. It is wrong. It is vile. Just because Islamic nations accept this view doesn’t make it right. This sort of treatment of women is wrong across the board.

This man, the Mufti of Australia, doesn’t seem to recognize this. All he has said is that he can’t get away with this sort of remark in Australia. He has not apologized nor does he recognize that what he did is wrong. All he acknowledges is that people in the west don’t like it. We know that already.

But how can he acknowledge he is wrong? He is a follower of “the book”. In this case the Koran. His reading of the book doesn’t allow him the liberty to make up his own mind regarding such matters. He has to follow “the book” and he thinks the book says that women must cover themselves.

He is as restricted as the fundamentalist Christian with their antigay prejudices and hatred. They can’t accept that gay people are human beings with the same rights as other human beings because their copy of “the book” tells them otherwise. Mufti al-Hilali can’t be a decent human being since his version of “the book” won’t let him. Fundamentalist Christians can’t be decent human beings and respect the rights of others because their version of “the book” won’t let them. Orthodox Jews can’t see how stealing land from Palestinians is wrong because their reading of their “book” won’t let them.


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