Friday, October 13, 2006

Another profamily church breaks up family

Here is a story from New Zealand about one of the really odd fundamentalist sects you find here and there. It is about the Exclusive Brethren, the modern day descendents of the Plymouth Brethren who invented all the bullshit about raptures, tribulations, etc. They are a rather demented lot.

A young man who grew up in this sect speaks out for the first time. His parents and grandparents were members. When his mother and father were having difficulties in their relationship they let the children live with her parents. But the marital difficulties were enought to get them sanctioned by the cult. The grandparents, on church orders, tried to keep the children away from the parents..

Of course this led to a high profile custody battle with the church actively involved behind the scenes while publicly lying about what was going on. The young man, Vincent Field, says he remembers the church leader calling his grandfather. “Grandpa got off the phone and said: ‘Beloved Mr Hales says we don’t need to worry because the Lord is going to take care of them and they will have a car accident.” Apparently Mr. Hales or the Lord got his wires crossed. The parents didn’t have a car accident. But imagine telling this to the children! What immoral monsters these people were.

Vincent says: “I was just forming this picture of my parents dying and Grandpa was saying ‘don’t worry’, even though it was his own daughter. It was like, ‘what the hell?’. We were supposed to take some consolation from it.” Ah, the loving Christians strike again.

The grandparents tried to convice the children that their parents were evil but Vincent quickly learned that they were decent and good people. When the children were returned to the parents the church had the grandparents cut them off. Vincent says he has seen maybe once or twice since the custody dispute 14 years ago and when his grandmother died they were not allowed to attend the funeral.

Another “profamily” church that destroys families.

The New Zealand Herald says that Vincent “has decided to give religion a miss.” Smart boy Vincent, smart boy.

The photo is Vincent with his father.


Blogger luggage79 said...

yeah, they ARE a crazy bunch. I did some research into them, after reading about them on Linsay Mitchell's blog (in a rather positive fashion). It seems they create family tragedies on a regular basis.

October 14, 2006

Blogger GodlessZone said...

I don't think Lindsay Mitchell was being positive about the Brethren as she would hold views very much out of keeping with their theology, after all she does link to this site which is a brave move for anyone! What she was doing was showing how the corrupt Labour government in NZ was dragging in the Brethren as a smokescreen to cover up their own crimes and indiscretions. Helen Clark is quite capable of such dirty tricks. Reporting that the EB were being used by Clark to divert attention from her own misdeeds does not mean that she is positive on the EB just negative on the diversionary tactics used by Clark and Labour.

October 14, 2006


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