Wednesday, September 20, 2006

They're back!

Last year we posted a story about the Nazi twin singers who were whining about being misunderstood. They call themselves Prussian Blue, named after the colour the gas chambers turned after cyanide was introduced. Real cute! Well, these adolscent bigots and their brain dead parents have moved to Montana from California. They didn't like California as it wasn't white enough for them.

When the neighbours meet the family and found out what they believed they were disgusted. They wrote a letter that was circulated around the town of Kalispell. The letter said they meant no harm to the family but wanted to communicate that the community does not endorse hate.

Of course the Nazis claim they are merely "proud of being white" and they want "to preserve our race". They mean it the same way Christianists want to protect the family. Both are excuses for hate. Don't be confused these pint size bigots with pea sized brains do hate. The name they picked for themselves was picked intentionally. Prussian blue is the colour you find when cyanide mixed with the iron content of the bricks in the gas chambers where the Nazis murdered Jews.

Of course the bigots and their family claimed that the flyer against them constituted harassment and wanted the police to step in. The Nazis always love the police to step in. But the police had to explain a little thing called the First Amendment.

The girls, who can't sing and only have an audience because they preach hate to bigots, are pictured here. They are singing at a Nazi rally. By the way, a year ago when we first mentioned them they were whinning about how they were being harassed. (Right, people just pick on Nazis for no good reason at all!) They are still whinning. Not much has changed. Still talentless, still brain-dead, still cry babies.


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