Sunday, August 27, 2006

Jesus loves the little children?

Joe is a twelve-year-old boy. He is living in Saltillo, Mississippi. Joe is also half-black. Until his mother moved to town Joe was living with Jason and Melinda Kirk, an aunt and uncle. And for some months they were taking the boy with them to the Fellowship Baptist Church.

Joe got converted and then learned first hand of Christian love. The Kirks were considering joining the church but one Sunday evening, when they had visitors come by their home and couldn't attend church, they got a phone call from the pastor. He explained to them that the church membership had voted to not allow them to join since they didn't want the boy possibly bringing black relatives to church with him.

The elderly minister resigned but said that about 80 percent of the church membership don't want blacks to attend. The boy overheard the telephone conversation and was shocked feeling that he was responsible for the minister's resignation. His family tried to explain to him that not all people feel as the church members do. As much as they talk about God's love one can not ignore the fact that born-again Christians are far more likely to be hate filled than "spirit filled".


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