Sunday, August 20, 2006

I'm mad as hell about it

These bloody fundamentalist theocrats, tyrants and frauds piss me off like you wouldn't believe. It's bad enough that they want to destroy America, rip up the Bill of Rights and impose "King Jesus" on the rest of us. But when I watch these bastards fleecing naive and stupid people I get angry. I want to smack them down because of the pain they inflict on others in their con games. Con games that poor, pathetic, naive fools convince themselves have to be true. The "miracles" the "resurrection of the dead" all the other lies they promote. And one of the worst is that walking viper Benny Hinn. If I ever wanted to believe in eternal retribution it would be right now and all for Hinn.

I am going against the way I wanted to run this blog. I didn't want to take the easy way out and constantly link to other things such as the videos. I already linked to two today, which is unusual for me. And now I'm linking to a third. I am doing so since I spent the last 40 minutes watching this tape and I'm furious at this man and the way he fleeces people of hundreds of millions of dollars with his lying promises and false claims. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation documented the lies of this bastard and the high life he lives. It also looked at people, full of faith, who went to Hinn. It is a top notch expose.

Hinn shows all these miracles on stage. But he has people, who we see filmed with hidden cameras, preventing anyone who is obviously ill from going on stage for a miracle. They follow a sad nine-year-old girl with deformed legs who only wanted to walk. She and her mother believed Jesus would heal her. Bennh Hinn's troops made sure the girl was never allowed on stage. And the lies, Hinns claims every healing he shows on television is verified. The CBC shows some of those miracles and then shows that the people they could track down were never healed. And then there is the lavish lifestyle. The trips to Italy to stay in palatial $10,000 per night hotel rooms. In just four days of vacationing they showed that Hinn spent close to $250,000 and all of it tax free as "ministry expenses". And then Hinn telling the donors that he doesn't get a single cent from all of this. Lies, lies and more lies. And Hinn is not the exception. I have looked at half dozen ministries tonight and see the documented evidence showing their deceit. I intend to make sure each of them is listed here.

I personally watched these faith healers operate. I witnessed the fraud of Kathryn Kuhlman years ago and the vileness of Jimmy Swaggart. I've seen Pat Robertson in action sitting in one of his TV studios with about a dozen other people. There are dozens of lesser known "faith healers" I've watched as well. I know precisely how the cons work, how the audience works itself into emotional hysteria and how these men financially bleed the audience after their "feel good" session with Jesus. They are a den vipers and deserve destruction. They don't worry because they know they won't face a divine judge. I only hope that one day they face an earthly one. Watch and be prepared to be angry.


Blogger Derreck said...


I'm not angry, because that'd be quite exceptional for me; I never am angry, guess it's not in my nature. But I think I might also just have skipped the being angry part, and find myself now, wishing I was on one of his damned "crusades" with a shotgun: I don't think it would be a sin to shoot him, do you?

And the fact that he uses God, and the weak mind of the masses to accumulate such huge amounts of money, is unbelievable. I can hardly grasp this. I mean; how can people be SO blind?! It's obvious that no one can be healed in such a way, this guy hasn't even nearly reached a level of emotional healing. (Emotional healing as in hypnosis, the placebo effect, and meditation, etc.) Though he is just another man profiting from the stupidity of the masses, like so many have. Never the less he should be put to death, hard.

And I agree with you, as said in the film; would he know he's a fake, or would he be so 'faithful' that he beliefs his own lies. I think he's too smart for the latter, so he knows what he's doing. Isn't there anything the law can do? 'Cause otherwise I'll be waiting for him the next time he performs his corruption. Truly, truly I say to you, I don't think many people can get me this far.

Satan have his soul, I give none for him. (If he doesn't already have it)

August 21, 2006


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