Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Astrologer's prediction and the murdered child

Anyone with any brains at all knows astrology is a bunch of bull. Of course astrologers have their lingo and trot it out while making educated guesses at what might happen. And certain astrology AT Mann did that regarding the horrific murder of the six-year-old girl JonBenet Ramsey. After ten years of mystery the police have announced a suspect has been arrested in Thailand. And supposedly the man has confessed details of the case not known to the public. Of course we still have to see what happens.

But Mr. Mann the astrologer didn’t need investigations. He had the stars and planets to guide him. Right! Here is what he wrote: “The directed Moon squares the Mars/Pluto opposition at the time of the murder, and the transiting Moon activates her Venus(beauty)/Saturn(jealousy) opposition, all of which show me that her mother was responsible for the murder itself, and that her father assisted in the clumsy coverup. In this sense, both parents are guilty of her murder.”

Apparently the stars were very wrong. Instead of the mother killing the child and the father helping in the cover up it was someone entirely different. Mann is the author of such astrological works as A new Vision of Astrology, The Round Art of Astrology, Astrology and Reincarnation. His works have been praised by leading astrologers. But the stars were wrong here.

Of course Mann’s slander of the parents is not unique at all. He was playing the odds. Three people were in the home when the girl was killed. Her parents and her nine-year-old brother. But it also appeared someone else had entered the home, someone unknown at the time. But the police botched the case from the start by not treating the home as a crime scene.

In fact the child was dead in the basement for nine hours before she was found. But the property outside was covered with police footprints. In other words evidence was probably destroyed. In the end it looked as if only these three suspects were left and it was unlikely the young brother did it. So it was a safe bet to name the parents. I suspected them myself though I wasn’t as dumb as Mr. Mann as to put it into print. But all I was doing was make a guess. Pretty much what Mann was doing no matter what mumbo jumbo he attaches to his claims.

The suspect, John Mark Karr, is a former school teacher. It is implied that the sex charges Mr. Karr was arrested for in Thailand involved young girls. And the attorneys for the family say that the parents mentioned Karr to the police early in the investigation. And Karr has supposedly been in touch with someone near the murder who was cooperating with police. We shall see but Karr is looking rather guilty. And it appears the guessers, including the astrologist, were wrong.


Blogger Derreck said...

That's horrible! This mr. mann should be the one in prison.

August 18, 2006


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