Friday, July 28, 2006

Is this what they mean by Second Coming?

A Christian radio station in California was recently born again, or perhaps I should say, porn again. KFYE-FM in Kingsburg now promises "all sex radio, all the time". Billing itself as "Porn Radio" is plays songs mainly on the basis of suggestive titles or lyrics. Tame songs get spiced up with pre-recorded moans and groans added in.

The new owner is known for pulling stunts to attract attention so the "change" is nothing more than a gimmick. But local Christians, used to listening to gospel and sermons telling them how evil they are, are none too happy. Complaints have already been filed with the federal government. Good Christians can't wait to bring in the strong arm of government to bat someone around. The owner notes that no one was listening to the station before "and obviously now they are or they wouldn't be up in arms about it."

Reminds me of Pieter-Dirk Uys the South African satirist who performed as the drag persona Evita Bezuidenhuit. Evita was his means of ridiculing the apartheid government. Each time he had a new show he would file an anonymous complaint with the censors (only sad little countries actually have censors). The censors would shut him down and eventually he'd get the show back on track but the publicity from the shut down guaranteed a sell out audience.

And the new owner of KFYE knows this as well. The format will change and the "outraged" listeners will get to pick the new format. The songs are not illegal as much as Christians would like them to be. And all are played on other stations with hardly anyone noticing. But call it something like "porn radio" and it guarantees that dirty minded religious folk will now listen in with their imaginations running wild --- and some of them have very wild imaginations, just ask Jimmy Swaggart.

The station only played a few songs and just repeated them over and over. Then the songs disappeared and the new owner was heard saying "Now that we got your attention" and suggesting they call up and leave a message as to what the new format of the station should be. The owner noted: "Everyone gets crazed when you talk about sex. But they will watch body parts flying across the screen every night on television."

True, Americans in particular are very hypocritical about sex. It is one reason teens in the US have some of the highest rates of pregnancy in the world. They sneak around and have sex but can't actually admit to it and thus can't take precautions since that implies they planned it. Better to wing it and hope for the best. One conservative "family values" spokeswoman was overheard saying, at a US right wing confab, that when it came to her teens and sex she didn't want to know what they were doing.

Christians are particularly odd about this issue and I'm thinking now of charismatic or Pentecostal Christians, and in particular the women. I've been to enough of their services over the years (and even preached in a few of the churches many years ago) and I know how those women "love" Jesus. They endlessly go on and on and how much they love Jesus. They call out his name over and over and there is something very sensuous is the way they do it. Their bodies start gyrating and they get more and more excited. It is as if they are working themselves up into a climax and then it comes, they either start shrieking, jabbering incoherently (they call it speaking in tongues) or collapse in a heap. But this is not just an emotional build up followed by release. These Holy Roller women get very physical in their worship. They may attempt to repress their sexuality in general but it is still escaping in full view of the rest of the church. Of course the other worshippers are doing the same thing. It's like a massive orgy but with clothes.


Blogger Derreck said...

Yewww! Ahh, that's gross!

(shiver) Anyway, I can imagine how many people have imaginary sex partners, but please, don't make it the Christ...

And being open about sex, IS indeed very important to prevent diseases and unwanted kids; look at the Netherlands.

July 29, 2006

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August 05, 2006


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