Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Field General of the Godless Armies of Satan

Mickey Weinstein is a conservative from a military family. He was once a White House attorney for the Reagan administration. But these days he is doing something he once thought unthinkable --- suing the military, specifically the Air Force. He was born on an Air Force base and attend the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs as did both his sons.

It started when he visited the Academy to see his son, Curtis. When he sawCurtis he knew something was wrong and asked him.

Curtis said: "It's not what I've done, Dad. It's what I'm going to do. I'm going to beat the shit out of the next person that calls me a XXX Jew or accuses me or our people of killing Jesus Christ." On approximately 8 or 9 different occassions fundamentalist Christians at the academy have made such remarks to Curtis. One said: "How does it make you feel to know that you killed Jesus Christ?"

Weinstein investigated and talked to hundreds of cadets, past and present, and staff as well. He realized early on it was not a matter of Christian against Jews but of born again Christians against everyone else. A military investigation substantiated what Weinstein had discovered and said that the born again cult simply doesn't know where to draw the line between sharing their faith and assaulting and insulting others. Weinstein says it is improper for superior officers to be pushing their religion on subordinates who are in no position to respond. It too easily confuses things such as the chain of command and confuses military protocol with personal faith. He wants this sort of assault on non fundamentalists stopped. For this he was called the Field General of the Godless Armies of Satan. Other good Christians have called his home with threats which his wife received. She has multiple sclerosis and now has painful "stress-induced" jaw disorder. The family as two attack dogs for protection.

The fundamentalists of today have a total agenda for society -- that is they are totalitarians. They want their religion to have total control of all institutions in society. They admit this. They are a danger to the core values on which America was founded.


Blogger Derreck said...

Sigh, they should've worn helmets when going supersonic... silly boys; you see what happens when your brains get overpressured.

Besides that the supposed Jews who kille Christ are long dead, it is useless to judge their fruit.

July 20, 2006

Blogger Heather Simpson said...

Here is the url to the first chapter of the book "God Doesn't Believe in Atheists".
I have not lost patience, nor have I unhinged, yet I do ask for your forgiveness if I have in any way said anything to you that offends you. Offending you or anyone here is absolutely not my intention nor is ruling over you. In fact, if you must know, the only thing I wish to rule over and make a judgement over is satan and his demons. of course i must be crazy to believe they exist, however
1. am clueless how you explain miracles like a missing arm growing back (I have a friend I trust explicitly that has seen it with his own eyes)
2. curious how you would respond to the information on the webpage referenced above, and the book if you happen to read it.

I do not believe anyone should be argued into being a Christian. I am sorry if I went in that direction, as it is futile and would not truly be a real conversion. no one is truly converted unless the Spirit of God draws him, and it is not my job to make you believe. I do question your unbelief, and feel a responsiblity to share with you the Gospel of the Kingdom, however it is up to you to decide.

Think about it, if I truly believe with all my heart this "nonsense" and do not tell you that you are on the road to hell, wouldn't I really be displaying hatred for you and my real disbelief. How caluose of me to think you are no valuable enough to save from the fires of hell!

To anyone who reads this i challenge you to read just the first chapter of this book, or the whole thing and discuss it with me on my site www.knowGodzone.blogspot.com I pray that God's Spirit does draw you to Himself.

July 20, 2006

Blogger Heather Simpson said...

http://www.ex-atheist.com/Why-I-believe-God-Is-Real-Critique.html I am sorry I feel this link also has an excellent debate on the existance of God. If you truly would like it for Him to exist as you said before, then TRY to find Him. I don't care WHERE you look for Him, if you are TRULY looking for HIM you WILL find Him. If you are truly interested in proving your unbelief, right or wrong, you will look for any opportunity to have more evidence, one way or the other to examine and make your conclusion with.

July 20, 2006

Blogger GodlessZone said...

I am sure that is one is "truly looking" for anything "you will find [it]". People who want to believe Mormonism ignore the facts and believe Mormonism. People who want to believe in space aliens overlooke the evidence and find space aliens and people who need someone in heaven looking after them will find it. Hell, there are some people with so much self induced faith that they honestly think George Bush is competent! I know, hard to believe isn't it?

As for the absurd and proposterous claim about the miracle of an arm growing back you are in the unique position of becoming very, very wealthy. Of course no one ever sees it themself. They always tell of a friend, who they absolutely trust, seeing it first hand. But I presume since they witnessed it themself they can provide all the evidence needed to substantiate the claim. And if they do they could be $1 million richer. Of course they won't be interested for themselves but they can give the million dollars away to some Christian ministry --- maybe one of the countless ministries set up to bash gay people constantly. To find out how to lay a claim for the million dollar prize just go here:


Somehow I expect your trustworthy friend won't be collecting the money. I'd be surprised if they even try to file for it.

I would have taken your apology for preaching on my site seriously except in the middle of the apology you started all over again. I still won't preach atheism on your site. I'm not that rude.

July 20, 2006

Blogger Heather Simpson said...

I cannot apologize for preaching and never did such thing. What I did do was apologize for saying anything that might offend you. as in hurt you in some way. as in saying anything mean. but i will not ever apologize for sharing the awesome news of what Jesus has done for me and who He is. if "preaching" hurts you in any way, maybe you should look at your own heart and try to figure out why that is, because if you don't believe it, then how can it hurt you? how can you be wounded by something if it is not real?

but I will do as I must, and be brave enough to come to you. i cannot and will not be quiet. not that i would do anything such as truly "hijack" your site. you do what you must and remove my comments if that is what you choose to do. i am not sent here to argue, nor would coercion be right.

i am also not concerned with doing all of the things you apparently know i want to do such as make you live according to Christian beliefs.
i am not interested in making gay people stop living their lifestyle. i care about them, but i do not have the right to make them do that. neither does God. He willingly gave up that right when He created us with freewill. And if we choose to follow Him, He can and will give us the ability to live a pure, holy life. He wants us to choose Him.

If you want to make the choice to avoid Him, refuse to search out any and all evidence that reveals the truth, no matter where it leads you, and pretend you can't see the obvious, that He is real, that is completely up to you. He doesn't want you to change your life because someone convinced you to. He wants you to want Him, because like everyone else in the universe, He does not want robots for friends. What kind of friends are those that are programmed to obey, and be friendly? If you were God wouldn't you want people (just as every rich person) to like you just because you are you, not because of what you can give them or how much power you have over them? Just because they enjoy your company?

pretend you are a detective and you have been given a giant mystery to solve. there is very little obvious evidence that you happen to see where you are...you look around a little and don't see any more evidence. do you give up after that or keep looking? do you deduct, that since the mystery doesn't have any evidence (that you see anyway) that it must be one way or the other? Or do you keep looking and keep an open mind? how long do you look? forever? do you give up after searching 70% of the world? do you give up at 99%? what if there is absolute proof in that 1% either way? would you still want to be right in your decision after just 99%? or just be happy knowing you checked "almost" everywhere?

my logic says, if you can't find something, but there is a huge possibility that it is there, keep looking. it says that if there is a chance that there is a God, i would rather bet there is and be on His side. regardless if there is a hell.

by the way, just so you know, friend saw the arm grow back on a person in the crowd as a child at a Kathryn Kuhlman meeting. these things are beginning to happen in the US again and already do around the world.

July 21, 2006

Blogger GodlessZone said...

The arm story I think is pretty much unreliable Heather. First your friend was just a child when he/she saw it. Now I attened Kuhlman's meetings myself and did so as a mature adult. Her "healings" were quite a con job but typical for someone with a large audience. She would just start calling out ramdomly illnesses and if someone responded would tell them god healed them. With a large enough crowd is you claim someone had cancer someone will have cancer. And she had a massive audience that was filled with people. She also used to do a technique of lengthening arms and legs (not growing them). The technique is quite simple actually. You sit the person down and put their legs or arms out and hold them next to each other. When doing so you can easily hold it so that one arm or leg actully appears shorter than the other. Then you pray while holding the arms or legs but a slight change in how you hold them now changes the apparent discrepency in length and you proclaim a miracle. I have witnessed this technique being used personally and it is a favourite of such people. Some "healers" who have been proven to be frauds (that is they were actually caught faking things) used this technique as well. So your friend has exaggerated memories of what he/she witnessed much the way we all remember our childhood homes being much larger than they really were.

Most "healings" are for pscyhosomatic problems. Something like a full arm growing would certainly be a miracle and would be widely reported. Kuhlman was not shy in reporting her "miracles" to the public. I read the books about her and none that I read mentioned something as spectacular as this. Everything at the meeting was stage managed carefully. She wore a chafon type long white dress with massive sleeves. She also had fans off stage blowing so that when she lifted her arms (as she always did, the sleeves would blow mysteriiously.). A powerful spot light would reflect off the dress making it look like it glowed but again stage managed. As for her faith healing ability she died of heart disease herself.

She was repeatedly investigated by individuals, critical and sympathetic, trying to document a real miracle. None were found. Dr. Willim Nolen was sympathetic to Kuhlmn in his book Healing: A Doctor in Search of a Miracle. He could not document one miracle. Kurt Koch did follow up on 28 cases given him by the Kuhlman people as proof and concluded "there is one one clear case of healing from an organic disease." Kuhlman also rented wheel chairs at crusades. These were given to people walking in who had some problem (say a bad back) and the people would be wheeled to the front promised a good seat (very coveted at these meetings). They would be wheeled to Kuhlman who would pray for them and then tell them to stand up and walk. They would of course. The audience assumed things which were never stated.

As a person Kuhlman had a past. She had an affair with a married minister, Burroughs Waltrip. Waltrip left his wife for Kuhlman and the two married but divorced in 1948, four years after Kuhlman left him. From then on she called herself Miss Kuhlman and many people never knew she had been married to a divorced man and then divorced herself. The only "miracle" I saw, and I was a believer back then, was that Kuhlman managed to turn the word "god" into a ten syllable word.

July 21, 2006

Blogger Heather Simpson said...

i find it odd that you never do seem to find a way to answer any questions i ask, you only trash one or two things mentioned, as if doing so destroys everything i say, and then you ignore the rest. what are you afraid of? if you have never done anything wrong, or made mistakes in your life, go ahead and rip someone else apart, as if you know the whole story and are perfect yourself.

July 21, 2006

Blogger GodlessZone said...

Heather: Allow me to destroy an illusion you have. I AM NOT A TRAINED DOG WHO WILL JUMP THROUGH HOOPS SIMPLY BECAUSE YOU DEMAND IT. You post long messages demanding answers to everything you saw. Tough. I will respond as I have time and prefer to stick to one topic where as you want to through in several things. One can state a fallacy in a few words and it can take paragraphs, if not pages to refute it. And you are seem to have an unlimited number of fallacies. You suffer from easy believism. You don't need evidence if it confirms what you already think -- see the growing the arm story as one example of how absurd it gets. So until you pay my bills for me my time does not belong to you. But then you think my blog belongs to you (don't forget you remark about my "so-called rights" to my blog). It belongs to you so you simply don't stop preaching your nonsense. And it is nonsense Heather.

You know what I really don't care whether other people have made mistakes. Hell, I made a huge one once myself --- I was a born again nutter myself at one time. That was a big mistaike. But some people spend a lot of time trying to condemn others and this is particularly true of Christians of the born again persuasion. They are very, very quick to judge and you know it is the truth. So do I point out that they are have motes in their eyes while concentrating on the splinters in the eyes of others? You bet I do.

I don't pretend to be perfect. I am simply human. I don't fantsize that I have some divine being leading me and telling me how others should live. I believe people should leave each other alone. But since the born again fascists in America are marching around demanding the right to impose their crap on other people I will fight them. And I will do so until they actully accept the motto "live and let live." But they don't. They are so deluded by their own fantasies that they think they are on some divine mission to make other people over. And that means they won't leave others alone. They can't mind their own business no matter what. If you want an example you will not find once incident where I have gone to a Christian website to push atheism. Not one. I have not once gone to either of your websites to post messages about atheism have I? Because I leave you alone. But if you come play in my backyard then don't expect me to over look the rubbish you want to spread.

Remember that it is my website and your posting here is not a right but a gift. You have a right to post what you want on your website not mine. Your preaching here is through my generosity and yet you seem to have no understanding of that fact and no appreciation that I have given you a forum.

July 21, 2006

Blogger amyalkon said...

"1. am clueless how you explain miracles like a missing arm growing back (I have a friend I trust explicitly that has seen it with his own eyes)"

Yes, you are clueless. Heather, nobody has seen a missing arm grow back. Even if they hadn't seen it, and it grew back, don't you think this would make the international news? There'd be some documentation of this -- photos, medical information of B.A. - Before Arm - and A.A. - After Arm.

Heather, you're a moron. That's not an insult. It's an evidence-based fact. What's sad is that you have the capacity to reason. You just don't use it.

FYI, I grew up with all that crap - kids telling me I killed Jesus and all the rest. I had no friends and a pretty horrifying childhood. Religion is evil and divisive, and it's unbelievably disrespectful to life to waste your days praying to an Imaginary Friend.

July 22, 2006

Blogger Heather Simpson said...

you have the right and ability to delete every word i say, or to make your blog so that it never gets published. you bash good people (and admitedly many of them are disillusioned, that i won't argue and i ask for you to forgive them) and "call them on the carpet". i am calling you on the carpet. the fact that you have a blog open to comments where anyone can see it makes it a place for free speech. you may also ignore my comments if you wish. that is your choice. it is still of great interest to me however that you insist on spending hours typing up angry articles (your epithets, and errors display the anger you have while typing the stuff so don't try to deny it) about other people yet you can't find the courage to stand up and explain how you could possibly have the beliefs you do that make you so superior.

again, what exactly are you afraid of?

why would you not defend your beliefs or investigate further to make certain you are right? i am not going to spend my time looking for every shred of evidence when many people have already done it and you are the one who questions it by the very name of your site, and the contents. you question it but refuse to actually take a good look at it.

i questioned the beliefs i was taught as a child and found many errors myself. it caused me to question God's existence. but for some reason, i could not shake off the KNOWING of His existence. I couldn't deny the reality. then i actually heard His voice, had my prayers answered, had my life changed and completely turned around when I could not have done it before no matter how hard i tried. much of what Christian people have done, taught and pushed on the world is not right. everyone has to get through that and worry about their own life, and if they are living a right life or not and stop worrying if everyone else is right or wrong. i am not concerned with making you live life my way. you can believe what ever you want to. but, i have a responsibility to God, to desire to see people saved from dying and going to hell.

yes Christians have really screwed up. that doesn't make you superior. just because you don't do what they do, and you are "logical" doesn't make your logic true. there is logic out there that looks and sounds perfect. until you bring up a fact previously unknown.
your logic is totally true, if it is not true that there is a spiritual realm that is unseen and is not within space and time. aren't you the least bit curious how 90% of the world could be wrong, and 10% (if that) is so right about this, yet your answers leave out the biggest answer of all, where did the universe, this earth, our amazing ability to reason, come from? the laws of physics say it could not possibly have come from nothing. yet how is that possible? it MUST be something bigger and greater and more powerful and omnisient than ourselves. There is no other logical answer. Even if you leave out that probability, it stands to reason that regardless of where we came from, we must not have all the facts. There must be something more. That something is an invisible, unseeable, unexplainable realm.

I ask for forgiveness and repent for Christians who are trying to make people align with Christianity. of course you think i am doing this, but i am not here telling you to stop drinking, smoking, having sex outside of marraige, or quite being gay, or quite using foul language. i am asking you to look at every peice of evidence before you write God off as a fraud.

I also with my entire heart repent and ask you (amyalkon)for forgiveness for Christians, and the rest of the world doing horrid things to you and your family and people in the name of religion. that is the problem with people who are just plain religious and have no real relationship with God. you did not kill Jesus. we all did. when we lie, when we are hateful and mean, when we cut someone off on the freeway, when we ignore the still small voice of God. I am truly sorry, and I know that these words are not really enough to in any way make up for the abuse that has been done to you. but it is all i can do. i am so sorry. i wish for healing for your heart that you can somehow find the power to forgive us and every person for their jealosy, spite, anger, murder, atrocities, the blood on their hands. I can't change what people do, but I can start with me. And I do. I will preach Jesus till the day I die, and I may confront people (as you do by having the site) with what I firmly believe is the truth(not blindly as you say either, i have researched quite a bit, but explaining "logically" is not my forte'.

I hope you can forgive me and all of the others, and I will pray you can. I hope you can have peace in order to not be all wrapped up in what all these other people do or don't do. yes, people, governments, society, industry and other entities are essentially corrupt, hurt people, destroy lives, murder, are racist, and do bad things in the name of their religion. that is true, but what is also true, is that there is a way to rise above the hate, and love those people. to show them that God cares and loves them and wants to change all that. wants to fix the problems and restore joy, hope, love, faith (which we all must have in order to go about our daily lives, believing our car won't blow up when we drive it, or that the chair won't collapse when we sit on it, or that the batteries will work in the remote). Kindness will be restored which you (amyalkon) did not receive from those who hurt you. It can only start with me though. Not in some other people. We can't make people be good and kind and nor treat us with the respect we think we deserve.

July 22, 2006

Blogger GodlessZone said...

Heather: I will make it simple for you. We have a comments section to comment on the articles. That is what it means. It is not carte blanche for anyone who wants to do so to jujmp off and start preaching their religion. If you wish to do that you have your own blog for that purpose. We are not insterested that you think you actually a god speaking.

I am angry at assholes who try to run the lives of others. I have no anger about Jesus, Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny, none of whom have done anything to me whatsoever. I am not the least bit interested in what 90% of people think and do think that the 90% are often wrong. At one time only a few people thought the earth revolved around the sun. They were wrong. at one time most people didn't know about vaccines and a handful of people did, the handful were right. Each person must think for themself and not take an opinion poll to determine what they believe. If they did they are moral cowards.

So please stop telling us you are praying for us -- we don't care. We don't want to hear about how your invisible friend in the sky makes you happy. If you have a comment on the topic in question then go ahead. If you want to preach use your blog as from this point on such preaching will be deleted. This is called courtesty and respect for the property rights of the blog owner. Those are both concepts that you apparently don't grasp. Actually I think you do and just don't care. You know you are preaching and you come here specifically to do it. That is one reason so many people find your type of Christian so annoying and unpleasant. So follow the rules or play in your back yard.

July 22, 2006

Blogger amyalkon said...

i questioned the beliefs i was taught as a child and found many errors myself. it caused me to question THE EASTER BUNNY'S existence. but for some reason, i could not shake off the KNOWING of THE EASTER BUNNY'S existence. I couldn't deny the reality. then i actually heard His EASTER BUNNY voice, had my prayers answered, had my life changed and completely turned around when I could not have done it before no matter how hard i tried. much of what EASTER BUNNY people have done, taught and pushed on the world is not right. everyone has to get through that and worry about their own life, and if they are living a right life or not and stop worrying if everyone else is right or wrong. i am not concerned with making you live life my way. you can believe what ever you want to. but, i have a responsibility to THE EASTER BUNNY, to desire to see people saved from dying and going to hell.

Heather coincidence is not causality. What about the parents whose four-year-old is raped and murdered? Did they just not offer as high quality prayers as yours? Or did "god" think, well, that's a crappy little brat, I think I'll off her?

The idea that there's some big guy in the sky who cares about your life is the height of ridiculousness, and arrogance on your part if you believe it - which you seem to.

I suggest you get yourself to a mental health facility, because that's generally what we suggest when people believe in stuff that doesn't exist.

PS Ever been to hell? Ever talked to anyone who's gone there? Ever seen any evidence such a place exists? No? Well, then maybe you shouldn't believe in it.

PS If you want to help me, don't pray for me, just send me $100 so I can go out and have a nice dinner. We'll call my religion Amyism if that makes you feel better about sending me money. And unlike Christianity, which makes all these promises with no actual assurance that they'll ever come true...if you send me money, I can guarantee you, with that money, I'll have a very nice dinner. Feel free to recommend a nice bottle of white wine when you send your check. I prefer it dry and French.

send your check to:

Amy Alkon
171 Pier Ave #280
Santa Monica CA 90405

Praise be dinner. Dinner is good. Yum yum!

July 22, 2006

Blogger Einzige said...

Heather, did you ever consider the distinct possibility that you might be a simpleton with a hair's-breadth's grasp on reality?

FYI, that's how it looks from where I sit.

Your incoherent ramblings are overlong and rarely on point, and lack even the saving grace of being slightly entertaining.

You are incontrovertible proof that a loving God does not exist.

August 06, 2006

Blogger Einzige said...

By the way, Heather, this statement of yours...

"the fact that you have a blog open to comments where anyone can see it makes it a place for free speech."

...aside from being factually incorrect, is rather ironic, given that you are screening the comments made on your own blog!

You are truly pathetic.

August 06, 2006

Blogger GodlessZone said...

Einzige: I did not know that Heather was moderating her own blog while condemning me for asking her to stay on topic. Of course she is a hypocrite about this but then good Christians often are, one set of rules for them and another for everyone else. If they go to a meeting, not invited, to "witness" to people who want nothing to do with them they shriek if asked to leave. If a group comes to their meeting to challenge them they have them evicted and damn them as trouble makers. If someone decided to pass a law banning Bibles they would howl in horror while they themselves demands all sorts of laws bannings books, films, etc.

I have to say I'm not sure Hether is really hear anymore. But then I don't think she's really there when she is here if you get my drift. I am tempted to say why I think she is unhinged but would prefer to stay on the topics here. But a short read of her own blog shows some really bizarre thinking especially about the things she intends to do in life.

August 06, 2006

Blogger Einzige said...

She seems to have finally started allowing comments, now.

And she has been extremely prolific, of late.

Could be a fun distraction--for a little while, anyway.

August 17, 2006

Blogger Enzo said...

How does it make you feel to know that you killed Jesus Christ?

Like a big mistake when I see the cult around him today.
If Jews haden't kill Jesus, there willbe no cross on church and no jesus in the bible.

February 11, 2008


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