Saturday, July 22, 2006

Christian harassers whine they are victims.

Fundamentalist Christians have turned into whiners. The more power they grab in America the more they pretend to be powerless victims harassed by others. They cry about it so much they spend more time as victims than anything else.

Take the antics of one group of anti-gay Christian bigots. By the way I am convinced the more they claim to "love" homosexuals the more they, in reality, hate them. I mean hate in the most literally sense of the word. One of the vile anti-gay groups is a fundie outfit called Repent America. These fanatics look for gay events and then go there to harass people who are merely minding their own business. They insult and harass the people attending hoping to elicit a response from them.

The Gay Games are a world event when gay people from around the world gather for an Olympic-like sporting event. No one goes there to harass Christians. In fact most people who attend wouldn't even think of bothering someone else. They are just there to have a good time. But the fundamentalist who vomit out verses of Scripture to attack gays gather there intentionally provoking and trying to be "victimized". Repent America was told this was a private event. Tough shit they thought. They don't respect the rights of others not when their disgusting doctrines and twisted theology is at stake.

If people wanted to protest the event, though why someone would protest a sporting event is bizarre, they were invited to do so in an area specifically reserved for that purpose. They don't have a right to disturb this event just because they have some deluded theology.

According to the extremist World News Daily web site these sad victims of hate were "preaching to a crowd and displaying banners with biblical messages". Right! Would the preaching including insulting and harassing? Would the verses they displayed be idiotic, barbaric texts attacking homosexuals? How much would you want to bet that was the case.

So these Bible bigots stand around taunting and insulting people and when people yell back they rush off whining that they were confronted by "a militant mob of homosexuals". Notice how this assholes are incapable of saying homosexual or gay without some pejorative before it. And they love claiming all gays are "militant homosexuals" while they are just peaceful messengers of God. If you vomit I won't blame you.

Of course the bigots with the Bibles say they were not there to insult or harass. They drone that "these are folks that so love gays that they're willing to spend a significant amount of time and even go to jail so they can tell them that there's hope." Now realize that no one there wanted anything to do with these clowns. But they shouted anti-gay Bible verses because they love. Right. And the Nazis just loved Jews too.

Funny thing is that the militant homosexuals never seem to be out doing the attacks. It's always these loving Christians. Gay groups rarely attend a Christian event, unless it is an anti-gay rally sponsored by Christians. They don't picket churches or try to recruit Christians. But not a major gay event can go by without these hate mongers showing up and screaming their doctrines at people who don't want to hear it. You tell me who is the militant mob? It isn't the people who were minding their own business at a private sporting event. The real militants are people who travel across country just to harass gays. In fact they are so militant they admit they are willing to go to jail just for the opportunity of insulting gays. Over the years I’ve witnessed this sort of harassment myself. I have seen gay parades on three different continents. And without exception some fundamentalist group showed up to taunt and insult gay people purposely trying to egg on a response so they could play the eternal victim.


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