Thursday, June 22, 2006

Cults take advantage of state failure

The German state school system is failing. Everyone seems to know that. According to Der Spiegel: “Every third German child is swotting up with a tutor or at one of approximately 3,000 after-school centers.” That’s a lot of extra schooling to replace what government is failing to deliver.

Now one of the problems they are finding is that cults like the wacko Scientologists are setting up “tutoring” programs which apparently do more than just tutor but promote the cult. The magazine says: “German experts on sects are now warning that the organization, which spans the globe, is currently making a big effort to infiltrate the German education market.”

It is claimed that the cult has established 20 such “learning centres” which are filled by students who have no idea what they are getting involved with. “Most of the customers of these centers have no idea who they are entrusting their kids to. There is rarely a mention of the word ‘Scientology’ in the brochures, at most the name L. Ron Hubbard appears and there...”

This is routine practice for cults. And the Scientologists, who have some of the most bizarre theories around, are among the most deceptive. They use various fronts to push their agenda and draw people in.

Of course the educational bureaucracy is now complaining that they aren’t in control of these alternative learning institutions. But if they were why would they be better run than the schools that are already failing? The solution here is what Der Spiegel has done. Expose the bastards. Warn parents which “learning centers” are cult centers and leave it up to the parents to decide.

So far the learning centers, the vast majority of which have nothing to do with the nuts in Scientology, do what the schools fail to do -- teach well. And parents are better equiped to decide what is best for their children than are bureaucrats. Letting the Scientologist be the excuse for state control will only turn the “alternatives” into smaller versions of the state system with all the same problems. It is better to encourage more private alternatives that are not involved with the cult.


Blogger Derreck said...

Wasn't scientology officially banned from Germany, or at least made illegal?

Otherwise it is sure time to think about that.

June 23, 2006

Blogger GodlessZone said...

No, but it is not given the same legal privileges that other "churches" are given since the govt. says it is a money making scheme and a commercial enterprise not a religion. On that they are probably more correct then wrong. It was a scam invented in the guise of a religion to make money and it has.

But it is not appropriate to ban it simply because it is a bad idea. Unless they are putting lives in danger, which they are not, then they should be free to preach their nonsense just as Marxist preach their nonsense, Ratzinger preaches his non-sensense, and French farmers preach their nonsense. Irrational claims are irrational no matter who preaches them but people have a right to be irrational. What they don't have is the right to control the lives of others. Scientology should be exposed and when they set up fake "educational centres" they ought to be exposed for that but not banned. The dividing line ought to be presenting a risk to life, liberty and property of others. That they convince fools to give them money is no different thent he fools who contribute every Sunday to people around the world who promise them life after death. We must not mimic the faithful by demanding that government power be used to strip away their rights. I will defend their rights even when they wish to deny me mine.

June 23, 2006


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