Friday, June 16, 2006

Jesus impregnates many women.

The story went that a woman was impregnated by God and gave birth to a miracle baby. No, I’m not talking about the Jesus myth. Apparently gullable Christians in England are falling for this crap all over again. Sure they buy into such rubbish every Christmas and I guess if you’ll fall for a story once you’ll fall for it twice. And the man responsible for these miracle babies in now in jail -Evangelist Gilbert Deya of the cult: Gilbert Deya Ministries.

Deya supposed will pray over a woman and declare that God has impregnated her. (Does the big J. relax afterwards and have a smoke?) Yes, Deya says Jesus impregnates them. Now you would think that such a story wouldn’t last long. But British Christians apparently fell for it. Things started to unravel when it was discovered that the DNA of one of the children did not match that of his mother and it turned out that the birth certificate from Kenya, where the women go to “give birth” was a forgery.

Deya, who was in the midst of building a £1 million church had an explanation. The DNA was not the same because they are miracle babies from God. He even claimed that one 56-year-old woman gave birth 13 times --- in just the last three years alone! Deya notes that these are things that can’t be explianed “because they are of God and things of God cannot be explained by human beings.” That line has been used to justify more bullshit than almost any other in history.

In August, 2004 the wife of the Evangelist/con man, who calls himself an archbishop, was arrested. It does not appear that Deya rushed to her side at all but avoided Kenya. Mrs. Deya had claimed to have had 10 children herself through this miracle process. Her “children” were taken into child custody for DNA testing and numerous parents have come forward looking for their missing children. Of course the DNA tests revealed that only one one of the children that Mrs. Deya claimed to have given birth to actually was related to herl the other nine apparently kidnapped.

She and four others were charged with kidnapping. Another woman, Eddah Odera, had told the Kenyan court that she gave birth to 11 miracle babies between 1999 and June, 2004. Again DNA test revealed the children were not hers.

It appears the scam worked this way: when a woman gave birth her infant at a “clinic” the child would be taken away and she would be told it had died. These parents have a difficult time picking their children out of those that have been recovered as they have grown considerably. Lucky Mbugua was lucky in a sense. Her son, Christopher, was stolen from her later and she had photographs of himl and was able to identify him. He was one of the children that the Odera’s claimed came from God.

Another minister from the cult, Benjamin Mensay, has defended Deya and says his wife has given birth to two miracle babies herself. As for the DNA problem he simply dismisses it saying the doctors have to explain it. He merely says: “My own point of view is that God is able to do all things.... If the medical profession cannot explain, we call it a miracle.” Typical of the faith ridden mind. There is a natural explanation: the babies were not born of these women and were stolen. Kidnapping is not a miracle.

Even a High Court hearing resulted in a Justice saying that the babies were kidnapped and that the motivation of this was the greed of the ministry which used the “miracles” to generate funds from a “deceived congregation.” But, Justice, aren’t they all decieved to one degree or another?

The woman who “gave birth” was deceived by the Deyas. She first had medical tests in London which showed she not pregnant. But then Mrs. Deya took her to Kenya to a clinic there which worked with the Evangelist and his wife. They told her she ws pregnant. She was given an injection to ease the birth which made her sleepy and 20 minutes later she was told she had given birth.

She told the court that the DNA evidence didn’t matter to her because she had faith. Meanwhile the “Archbishop” fled to Scotland and claimed “political asylum”.

Finally just a few days ago the “Archbishop” was arrested in Scotland and is now being held by British Immigration authorities for deportation back to Kenya. Kenyan authorities say that they believe the infants were stolen from Nairobi’s Pumwani Maternity Hospital and that the child stealing ring involves people in Britain, Ghana, Nigeria , Uganda and Kenya. It should be noted for the record that all the babies which Jesus supposedly fathered were black. Now there’s something I bet the church didn’t tell you. Apprently another miracle bites the dust.

However, if you believe this story, well, I don't have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you but I do have a book that God wrote which I can sell you. You can know it's from God because it says so. Just have faith.


Blogger Derreck said...

That's rediculous; people don't give birth to miracle babies, and Jesus nor God will ever get woman pregnant; Jesus is dead, and I doubt God has a dick: the Bible doesn't say so ;)

But I get your point, the story does show an awfull resemblance with the big story of the Bible.

June 18, 2006

Blogger JAMES MOGI said...

Just the sort of article I have looking for,Deya may not only be traficking children but also loandering americans drug money here.His wife is now jailled for 2 years in Kenya for stealing one child six more cases are waiting the extradition of Deya from the UK. What puzzled me is the freedom this fruadster pastor have here by still appearing on tv preachings.
Who ever believe in the Deya miracle babies is a walking dead soul.I really can't wait to see him join his wife in the Kenyan jail.

June 19, 2007


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