Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Has this Pope already died?

Generally speaking Popes get elected to that office very late in life. So we don't normally have to put up with one for very long. In the old days they could get appointed much earlier in life. One who shared the same name d' papal as the current Vicar of Christ was Benedict IX who could have been twelve or thirteen when he sat on the "Throne of Peter". He was a bit of a pervert and screwed anything that moved: man, women or animal. He was also in and out of office rather frequently and eventually disappeared from the scene though it is speculation as to what happened to him. Popes used to be a lot more colourful and had a tendency to bump on another off during certain periods. And at least one Pope was the son of a previous Pope! Yes, they were a much more interesting lot in days gone by. And old Ratzinger here is the oldest Pope yet. But I swear from this picture that he already looks dead. If you saw a picture of someone lying down with this expression you would be sure it was a corpse.


Blogger Derreck said...

Who pulled him out of his grave!?!?! J.C.!

Man you're right he looks dead. I didn't know people could look so dead and still smile! If you can call that a smile... I'd rather call it a sick grin of power.

June 11, 2006

Blogger Derreck said...

He does show some comparison with the bad guy/ senator freak from Star Wars, God what was his name?

June 11, 2006


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