Thursday, April 13, 2006

Shame on Comedy Central

Comedy Central television wants the world to know that violence works. Yes, that's right! They are sending out a clear message that killing, bombing, threatening and all acts of violence are a legitimate way to get what you want. Remember the vile Islamists rampaging through the streets because of their own theological bullshit. They don't like the image of Mohammed being published. Well, boo hoo! And most civilized people don't like the image of fanatical bearded bitching boobs with their shrill, women-like voices, invoking that comic book invented by their prophet. But the world puts up with it. People are free to be complete wankers. But they are not free to be violent. And when the act violently they ought to be slapped down good and hard.

Not so says the cowards at Comedy Central. They prove that such violence works and thus they encourage it. If you give into blackmail you keep paying for the rest of your life. If you submit to the blackmail of theological terrorists you will pay for it for the rest of your life --- if you are lucky enough to live.

South Park is one hell of a funny show. It ridicules everything and everyone but it often has some really important and sane points underneath the satire and crudeness. A recent episode quite openly ridiculed George Bush (sort of unfair since Mr. Bush makes that so easy to do), Jesus and Mohammed. Well, it didn't actually ridicule Mohammed. Comedy Central had the few seconds devoted to this fraud deleted.

The creators of South Park left the image out and instead inserted a message saying that Comedy Central had pulled the plug on those few seconds. At first the clowns at CC denied that was precisely the case. Then they confirmed it saying: "In light of recent world events, we feel we made the right decision." This is where I am tempted to get really obscene but I can't think of the words that would express the total disgust and contempt I feel for the bastards at Comedy Central. They are quite explicity here. Because a bunch of Koran-reading psychos from the Dark Ages threaten to act like the savages they are Comedy Central will bow down to Mecca and give the West the finger.

The same episode showed Bush and Jesus doing some rather disgusting things. Of course if the disgusting things that Bush is shown doing were the only disgusting things he really did we'd be better off. Mohammed was shown pretty much standing around doing nothing. Unlike Jesus who was portrayed in a very negative way. Comedy Central saw no reason to stop airing that part of the show in spite of it being far more offensive. The only reason for them to act in such contradictory ways is that they are caving in to threats of violence.

Fans of the show are getting sick of Comedy Central. They are urging the creators to pull the show off the network when their contract ends. Some are suggesting that they go to an entirely web based program by subscription. I know many people would pay to continue to watch the unedited versions because of their biting humor and spot-on political commentary. If you want the clowns who run this network to know you are unhappy go to this page and file a complaint.


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