Friday, April 07, 2006

Wingnut of the week award goes to...

Fundamentalist ministers tend not to wear robes, at least not in the pulpit, but one gets the impression that they do wear them with pillow cases over their head when they are meeting the Klavern. Whatever Jesus may, or may not, have stood for these Christianists have turned him into a symbol of hate and raw bigotry. Not to mention the utter stupidity of these people.

Take the insanity of Rev. Flip Benham. This is a man who is trying to make Fred Phelps look reasonable. Benham is a god-addict who hates gays. I mean hates. He despises, slanders and lies about gays. He can't help it. He had a theological induced lobotomy and can't think rationally any more. Benham runs a theocratic group called Operation Save America. It used to be called Operation Resuce and was an anti-abortion "ministry". But the group decided there was more political hay to be made by some old fashioned Christian fag bashing. Much to their chagrin the founder's son came out as gay. He was duly thrown out of home by his father and damned for being gay. The father also publicly said the most vile things about his son to the media and in print in right-wing rags. So much for family values.

Rev. Benham has a severe Jesus habit that has clouded his ability to lead a normal life. It is shame. His habit is so bad that he has become a pusher and wants to recruit young children to his cause. The most recent objects of his hatred are three high school students in North Carolina who formed a group to deal with gay oriented issues for other students.

But Benham attacks the students for having "sinister objectives" and claims the group they formed on campus is meant "to spread its agenda of hatred toward God, parents and teachers." They might be adverse to assholes, which may be what worries Benham, but I doubt they are against parents and teachers. This is just hateful rhetoric. He argues that gay people don't have rights because "a moral wrong must never become a civil right." And theocratic bullshit is not morality either.

Benham attacks the students and says insane things, I mean insane, I think he is absolutely unhinged like Phelps. He argues "it is better to die free than live under the bondage of homosexual slavery." What the hell does this nutcase mean? Is he saying that if gay people are afforded the same rights as other people that means enslavement of bigots like him? That is the same kind of logic used by the Islamic fundamentalists. Or is he saying that being homosexual is slavery and it is better to "free" them from that slavery by killing them? You tell me. He's incoherent when he rants about his silly god.

Other activities of Rev. Flipped is to harass the annual gay festival Charlotte Pride. Supposedly the bigots would show up in large numbers and harass people attending the event. Of course in the warped world of the bigot their harassment is called "witnessing". Can't they realize that most people want nothing to do with these escapees from the asylum? Can you imagine how these bigots would feel if several hundred gay people "witnessed" inside their church during a service? They would cry how they are being persecuted for being religion addicts. But when they do it it is okay because they imagine some deity tells them to act like jerks. But so far I can find no confirmation that anything that was scheduled has been cancelled. All we have are the rantings of Rev. Flipped. I will report what I find out.

But don't let anybody fool you that fundamentalist Christianity is about "love". It is not. It is about hate and all you have do is open your eyes and watch these Christianists to have it confirmed. The photo is Rev. Flipped protesting outside Disney World but who the hell knows why. Maybe he thinks Mickey Mouse is gay.


Blogger Derreck said...

You know, I don't even want to read this shit any more. These religious fucks, in the name of our good Lord, seem to be completely off the rails. God help them. I wander where this hatried for the gay community comes from, perhaps from thinking in a bad direction, or church brainwashing.
One way or the other, I do find myself hating these freaks. These braindead, unworthy "Christians". Heh, I wonder what part of the Bible they've read, 'cause I think this is all about how much of that book you really want to believe. I think they are dumb, I've been on one of those "curing" sites once, their complete foundation is the foul talk of some looney, and a few parts of the Bible, which can be read in such a manner, that this crap roles out of the mind.
Poo to U!

April 10, 2006

Blogger Derreck said...

I thought Mickey had a girlfriend, ah well, perhaps he's bi-sexual...


April 11, 2006


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