Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Another bad day for creationism.

It’s another bad day for the creationists and their theory of “Intelligent Design”. One of the main arguments the Christianists have used to attack evolution was the concept of the “missing link”.

Fossils of various extinct species have been found. And with the fossil records scientists have pieced together, bit by bit, a relatively coherent theory of how life evolved. But certain species that would bridge some of the gaps were missing. For instance it was theorized that fish eventually evolved into amphibians which eventually became reptiles, etc. But a species that was a fish with the traits of amphibians was missing.

This gap was used by the creationists to dismiss the theory of evolution and to replace it with a theological concept instead of a scientific one. But then, as we reported, one of these species had been uncovered and studied and the results released.

As the saying goes: when it rains it pours. A new fossil find has now been reported in Nature. This find links two early species of ape-man. The author of the paper, Professor Tim White from the University of California, Berkeley says: “This new discovery closes the gap between the fully blown Australopithecine and earlier forms we call Ardipithecus. We now know where Australopithecus came from before 4 million years ago.”

The creationists were rather sure that such links would not be found. But then they have also been predicting the Second Coming of Christ for some 2,000 years without getting that right either.


Blogger Einzige said...

Where there was one "missing link," now there are two, no doubt--between the new fossil and the two previously "unlinked" species.

April 13, 2006


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