Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The justice and the preacher.

Should a Supreme Court Justice be sending a thank you letter regarding support for him during his nomination to a speical interest group? Bush appointee Sam Alito did just that. And the people he thanked is one of the most extreme fundamentalist groups in the US: Focus on the Family.

During the nomination Focus on the Family leader, Reverend James Dobson, was a cheer leader on the far Right for Alito. He also assured his supporters that Alito would vote correctly on moral matters. The issue at the time was what Dobson had been told by the White House regarding Alito’s future votes. This is especially an issue since it was precisely such issues that Alito refused to discuss during his nomination processl. Was the Religious Right given private assurances that were denied to the US Senate?

Dobson rallied the fundamentalist troops behind Alito because he was convinced that Alito was one of them on Dobson’s moral agenda. Why? And of the the groups that were involved in the confirmation process why was Dobson singled out byAlito for this very unusual letter.

If Alito is beholding to Dobson when issues relating to Dobson’s agenda come before the court shouldn’t he have to recuse himself? Time will see what he will do and what more comes out on this issue.

Dear Dr. Dobson:

This is just a short note to express my heartfelt thanks to you and the entire staff of Focus on the Family for your help and support during the past few challenging months.

I would also greatly appreciate it if you would convey my appreciation to the good people from all parts of the country who wrote to tell me that they were praying for me and for my family during this period.

As I said when I spoke at my formal investiture at the White House last week, the prayers of so many people from around the country were a palpable and powerful force.

As long as I serve on the Supreme Court I will keep in mind the trust that has been placed in me.

I hope that we'll have the opportunity to meet personally at some point in the future.

In the meantime my entire family and I hope that you and the Focus on the Family staff know how we appreciate all that you have done.

Sincerely yours,

Samuel Alito


Blogger Publius II said...

Please.... Focus on the Family is hardly an "extreme fundamentalist group."

March 02, 2006


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