Friday, February 24, 2006

Give me a break.

In Portland a college newspaper published a take-off on the Danish cartoons that have Muslims upset. In this cartoon they drew Jesus as a suicide bomber. And one student was very upset. He said: "I think it's extremely offensive."

He went on about being upset: "I have no idea how to describe my feelsing in words because I'm extremely angry right now." Okay, so he's extremely angry and extremely offended. He's possible just extreme.

The student, Ussain Shihab, is a Muslim. "To portray Jesus as a terrorist is extremely offensive to Muslims everywhere," he said. Personally I get the impression that Muslim just spend a lot of their time being constantly offended.

But what I don't understand is this: why do they find a cartoon of Jesus as a suicide bomber offensive but never get offended by real suicide bombers who kill people?

Across the Muslim world they protest and shriek and scream about cartoons. But when real suicide bombers kill in the name of Allah they don't complain at all. If anything they only public demostrations we find in the Islamic world over such murders is cheering.


Blogger Derreck said...

Well, those desert warriors may just be the worst of all religions these days. The Christians gave up crusades, and Jews stopped making a lot of money from non-Jewish people. But those damned desert-people just can't stop wrapping bombs around themselves. HELLO! That is like, SO out of fashion! You still wear Bourka's? Honey, REALLY! You can't wear those anymore...

Anyway. It seems Allah is a very modern God. All others have stopped throwing miracles at us long ago, but Allah appearantly can't get enough of his puppet-people. Who love to kill themselves, as long as there are enough people around, and enough bomb around their waist. Poor souls.

I think it's a pity to kill other people by suicide bomb. Do they have any idea how bad that is for the ozone layer? They should get the death-sentence if they weren't dead yet. Anyway, killing other people, who are harmless to society, is never good. And killing in the name of "ALLAH" is completely redicilous. WAKE UP!

Allah does not want you to kill, your fucking rabbies or whatever leaders you have, want you to. You know what? I am your Allah, speaking to you. Kill your rabbies! Go boy! Kill! Kill! But don't use bomb, bomb ruin atmosphere. Kill!

February 28, 2006


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